Growing Up

By Issy Goode - 19:52

Graduation appears to be fast approaching and whilst trying to fall asleep last night my head once more filled with everything it possibly could to remind me of the daunting prospect of my impending adulthood, and then I got to thinking, what are the things that're making me sad about growing up?

Splitting dinner bills equally
Whenever I went to dinner with my friends 'in my youth' busting out the calculator on our Motorola or Alcatel mobiles to split the bill exactly into what meals and drinks we had never seemed to be socially unacceptable. But, I always questioned why adults are so cool about just splitting it so everyone pays an equal amount? I went for a meal with my parents, auntie, Grandma and some family friends and all their meals were more expensive than mine and my parents, but everyone seemed cool about splitting it down the middle, even my parents, to which I scolded them for when we returned home. When I grow up, I hope my friends don't expect me to pay for their steak whilst I had a salad!

Losing summer holidays
Need I say anything about this point?

The fact that young people are living the life you once had
I feel accepting adulthood would be so much easier if we didn't have all these teenyboppers reminding us of the teenage faux pas we made, the under-age drinking (which I certainly don't condone) and the fun that came with being young. They also spend so much time on their social media accounts rubbing their 6 long weeks of summery bliss with their best chums in our wrinkling faces. Not just their summer, but also their impressive fashion sense. And why are no teenagers going through the awkward stages of beginning to wear make up? Most 14 year olds dress better and look older than I do. I still struggle to define my eyebrows in the morning without looking like a wilder-beast yet these girls and boys are out there looking like Abercrombie & Fitch models.

Liking olives
I despise these little oval things of dry salty disgusting death and I've always believed that with age comes taste buds that advance up the sophistication ladder. This has led me to assume that one day I'll also start to like things like ale, Stilton and red wine. God forbid.

Letting go of Netflix binging
I'm completely aware that adulthood certainly does not disallow Netflix binges, but when I get a job of my own I get the feeling that the Netflix account my brother-in-law pays for and allows me to use may not be so readily available with my student life behind me. Though there's always my mum's account to borrow during the first few months of being a graduate....


But if I'm honest, whilst things like bills, jobs and settling down are the things that should (and do) make me sad, ageing isn't a choice and I'm pretty happy to roll with it. Whilst my fear of getting to 25 and miraculously starting to love olives may come true, I'll also hopefully have a life that I'm proud of and student years I'm happy to look back on but let go of. After all, you can't hold on to student life forever! 

Aside from all the boring adulthood mumbojumbo that is expected to terrify us, what's something that makes you sad about becoming an adult? 

Though, remember this one very important thing...


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  1. Haha, this is amazing! I found myself hating on teenagers in my head the other day - does this mean I'm an adult?! :/

    1. Haha nah you don't really have to be an adult ;) sometimes you just have to do adult-y type stuff! Forever young! x

  2. This post is ON POINT! I remember as the last few months of University loomed and thinking of things just like this.. being a graduate is no fun. I want more wild nights and Netflix days without feeling guilty the next day when I have work to do :(

    1. Haha thank you! I'm glad everyone else feels the same! Being a student seems to allow life to be more spontaneous! I want a Netflix day right now but I feel I should crack on with my dissertation :(

  3. About losing Summer holidays... I miss those free 3 months!!! Even if I had no money to go on proper vacation.
    And I feel like all the teens are so much more evolved if compared to who I once was, the awkward fashionless weirdo. I've always loved red wine but the olives... only recently but not by themselves, they have to be mixed, salad or wrap or whatever. I know that age is just a number or a detail, and it actually improves your sense of wisdom and class (I mean, Stilton and red wine... come on!) but I envy some young girls because their living the best moments of their lives and doing things I haven't even done yet because I haven't had the opportunity. Most of them are more well travelled than me and that makes me feel uncomfortable. The lack of responsability and paperwork in their lives is also a source of envy ahah. I could read books and watch filmes for months but I still feel that need to travel the world and not settle just yet, live adventures and figure out what I want from my own life. I feel a bit lost because I'm 26 and I can't think about future, plans or goals... It gets hard. But hey, as long as there's cheese, wine and rock and roll, right?...

    1. It was nice to just take a step back from everything! I went abroad for the first time last year and it was great, but previous summers I barely left the county and still loved it!

      They don't seem to go through awkward stages of bad dress sense and awful make up do they? I don't think I'll ever enjoy red wine or olives if I'm honest haha!

      I totally agree with you, some young people, even in early teens, are seeing so much more of the world than I think I'll ever get to see. I hate feeling bitter and being envious but I can't help myself when I'm grinding away my days on essays and my dissertation, probably working towards a job at the bottom that won't earn me much whilst they get to swan off and see the world!

      I'm sure you'll find your way and hopefully some travelling will come your way soon! It does get hard but you have so much time ahead of you! What would life be without cheese, alcohol and good music aye?


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