The One with the Spilt Cream

By Issy Goode - 19:50

It may have been a while since I updated this series of university tales, but whilst I was on the job hunt I felt it appropriate to keep my image clean rather than revealing some of my antics. Alas, I've had a job for a while now and I've managed to find a nice balance with work and blogging, so back it comes.

So, if you recall my pizza post then hopefully you've learnt your lesson when it comes to stealing food? Yes? Good. What about when it comes to cleaning the remnants of it? Even the most adult of adults don't enjoy cleaning up after themselves that much, but what happens when you live with six students and none of you are even adult enough to admit what mess is yours?

It was a rare Monday night where we had chosen to stay in rather than throwing some shapes at K2 Monday and chugging down some £1 drinks. During dinner time, as is sensible, we went to the fridge to gather some ingredients only to find some white substance covering the packaging of some discounted goods. Don't worry, someone didn't get over excited about the 14p garlic baguettes, but rather, the cream that was so often left half used, as we had always predicted, finally met its end at the hands of one of us, spilling its contents all over our fridge. For how many minutes, hours, days - we knew not. But we did know that the culprit needed to be found. 
As any student would we turned to Twitter and even to the radio in an attempt to find out who spilt the cream in our fridge back on that dreaded evening of 20th November 2013 (don't worry it's been cleaned up now - what do you think we are, animals?) and chose not to clean it up. 

At university, and if this isn't the case you must live with angels, you'll come across at least one person who doesn't tidy up after themselves and often, won't even admit it's their mess. Sometimes, they genuinely forget about it. We've had occasions in which we've opened a cupboard to discover dirty dishes, forgotten by the drunk person who hid them. And you can't blame some students, when they're exceptionally intoxicated who knows what they'll do, but on the occasions they're not, don't expect much from them either.

On this evening, our housemates and a friend were doing their weekly KUBE radio broadcast, and upon opening the fridge and discovering spilt cream, we wanted some answers. The four of us that were home claimed no guilt in the spilt cream, so we turned to twitter to ask the boys on the radio if they had any idea who may have spilt the cream...unsurprisingly this then turned into a hashtag amongst us and friends and alas, we never found the answer. 

I cleaned the mess, despite the fact I had no part in it. When you live in student housing, you may well find that you clean up people's mess more often than they'll clean up yours, but deep down I'm sure they appreciate it. In my student house, it wasn't all that bad when it came to cleaning because we all did our own bits here and there, sometimes it just took a long time for it to be done. Though just to name and shame my good friend Faye, who in the 2 years we lived in that house emptied the bin, with assistance, on less than a handful of occasions. 

What this experience of spilt cream should tell you is that you shouldn't have high expectations when it comes to cleaning and having a tidy house - that way if you live with nice and tidy people you'll be pleasantly surprised, and if you don't, you'll wish you'd lowered your expectations before you met them and their untidy ways. It's a part of student life unfortunately, and not everyone knows how to live fairly in shared accommodation. 

And to this day, we still do not know who spilt the cream. The cream spillage may be gone, but it will never be forgotten. 

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