Summerleaze Beach - Bude

By Issy Goode - 16:08

Back in August I made my first trip home to Cornwall since moving to Nottingham to live with my boyfriend and his family. I've now arrived back in my cute little Christmas village and am currently all cosy at my sisters house watching Christmas cbeebies, what a hoot.

I thought before I share any Christmas related posts about being home, I'd throwback to the summer. I haven't actually shared much about my first trip down to Cornwall since moving away as, dare I say it, a tourist, so here's a little about out our short and sweet trip home...
We drove down to North Cornwall and spent the night with my boyfriend's friends from Nottingham who were also on holiday. We stayed at a family campsite in Bude that was a peaceful little place, it was nice and clean and it had a good atmosphere about it too. Despite the fact that I'm not much of a fan of camping, it was a really lovely evening chewing down on barbecue food, chatting with friends and cosying up in a tent whilst the rain poured. Although, why is the temperature in tents always well...intense? Too hot, too cold. And then the beds deflate, and you wake up in the morning feeling like you're being barbequed despite the fact you spent the night shivering...

And that my friends, is the reason I don't really like camping. 

Despite the rough sleep, we visited the sea pool at Summerleaze beach in Bude, which was absolutely bloody freezing. This is the second sea pool I've visited in Cornwall, the other being in Penzance and they are amazing manmade structures that make swimming in the sea that bit safer - although, it doesn't change the fact that it's freezing cold!

After spending the day wondering around Bude we then headed off for Porthleven, my village. The drive felt like it went on forever and we took a few scenic routes too, but it was lovely to be surrounded by both the countryside and all the beaches. 

Now I'm back home again for six days to enjoy Christmas in Cornwall and I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas week with plenty of Christmas films, Christmas food and fabulous company!

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