Never Had I ever...Until I went to University

By Issy Goode - 21:14

Everyone is probably going to think this is going to be a real wild post about university and all the crazy things us students do, and whilst university did truly have its wild moments, there were some mediocre things that I hadn't done before university that I did eventually get up to (don't worry I'm not going to share it all). 

Never had I ever played 'Never Have I Ever' - from what I can remember anyway. I'd never really played many drinking games, but I'm sure at one college gathering we played spin the bottle and me and my boyfriend at the time, being one of a few couples there found it really weird and sat that one out - we also found it cringey that at 18 years of age a group of people wanted to play spin the bottle - oh the reserved life of teens in Cornwall. We'd played truth or dare at girlie sleepovers but the university Never Have I Ever is a brutal and weird game at the best of times. You've got people targeting each others secrets and mostly people using it as a way to get to know their new housemates, and you probably regret it completely because you end up knowing far too much.
Never had I ever owned or worn a thong. My nextdoor neighbour and best university gal-pal was a real advocate for the thong but I'd never seen the appeal. I sneered at my best friend in secondary school when she wore a thong to school one day in year 9 and she embarrassingly claimed her Mum had bought them for her. I don't know now why I made her feel so bad about it, it was only a thong. After hearing such praise for these stringy pieces of fabric and elastic, I caved and bought some new undies. I now own thongs but I still don't wear them. 

Never had I ever downed a pint of alcohol that had food in it. You should have seen the dirty birthday pints our housemates made at university. Everyone got one on their birthday and many refused it. I couldn't finish mine and I'm sure it had gravy in it and the rest. Some of the pints we'd had featured all matter of leftovers they'd found in the kitchen and the worst thing was, most of the guys that were faced with one of these grotesque concoctions finished it off. I still don't know to this day if the dirty pints were more alcohol or mushed up food.
Never had I ever taken so many bathroom selfies. I don't think I'd really taken bathroom selfies before in fact. It wasn't until about 3 months after my 18th birthday that I actually went out to a club, and I think during my time at home prior to attending uni I went out in clubs maybe four times. So I was pretty new to the making friends with girls in bathrooms and spending an hour in the toilets taking photos. But it sure was a great part of uni. 

Never had I ever attended a lesson severely hungover or still a bit tipsy. It's probably not good for my image to admit that but it was for the most part during my first year of university. Sometimes we had this habit of drinking more after returning from a night out which made absolutely no sense and my lord, it did not feel like a good idea at all come lunchtime the next day when you had to sit in a lecture and listen to a powerpoint presentation. I made it through that's the main thing. 

On that note, never had I ever post drank. Why is that a thing anyway? Why would anyone put themselves through that?

Never had I ever been on a first date. Not a real one anyway. When I met up with people at a younger age we were always in a big group, and then from the age of 16 until I went to university I was in a relationship with the same boy, who'd I'd always met up with in a group of friends before we started dating. My first date came around four months after that boy and I broke up, and it led to a relationship that I wasn't ready for at the time, but I had a great time nonetheless.

Never had I ever had to deal with such messy drunks. On the 5th day of freshers (this isn't a grime modern version of the 12 days of Christmas, but that's a good idea for a post - maybe some other time) my new found friend got excessively drunk after mixing quite the concoction of alcohol and also using one spirit as the mixer for another. Everyone was already very merry, including myself. I'd just finished putting one of the guys to bed, who I had also only known for five days, after he'd passed out drunk on the landing floor. Then I went to check on the girl next-door to me (who also quickly become my best friend and still is), who was practically a stranger at the time. She was a skinny little thing wearing the tightest of body con outfits and was crying on the phone to her long distance boyfriend. I had to get said girl, out of said body con outfit, into a onesie and put her to bed, as instructed by her boyfriend, who I'd never spoken to before. This whole thing was made more complicated by the fact that every few seconds she'd jump out of bed thinking her contact lenses were stuck in her eyes and begged me to get them out for her. After much crying and pestering I gave in. I literally pinched at the pupils of a girl I'd known for five days to get out contact lenses that were already in their case on her side table (I didn't know that at the time either - also quite drunk too).

What a hoot aye?

And finally (though some things have to be kept secret) never had I ever felt so confident. University really helped me build my confidence. I was a real wild fire, life and soul of the party type when I was drunk but I was so reserved when in my lectures. By the time I got to my third year I felt so much more confident, I spoke up when I felt like I had something to say, I answered questions without having to be encouraged to and just applied myself so much more.

What new things did you experience at university? 

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  1. This is such a great post Issy! Never had I ever danced on a table top until I moved away for uni hehe! xo

    we are dannah | australian lifestyle and travel blog

    1. Thank you! Haha ooh really? That's still one I've never done! I think everyone should join in :P

      Thanks for stopping by! xo

  2. This post is brilliant! You should make a song about the 12 days of Freshers haha! Pretty sure we played this a lot in 1st year to get to know each other. All my secrets spilled, but I've stayed extremely close to my housemates from first year! Two I still live with, one of who is my boyfriend now, and our other old housemate is on her year abroad but she's one of my favourite people <3

    I'd never ever heard the word feminism before. Isn't that awful? But here I am today, a so called social justice warrior!

    1. Thank you! You know, I think I just might aha! Yeah it was our go to game in first year too and I was living with a group of thirty people so some real dirt was spilt! Ah that's so lovely to hear :) I've stayed close to a small handful but not even a quarter of the block of people I lived with if I'm honest!

      You know, until I went to university I didn't know much about feminism either. If anything, all I knew was the disdain towards feminists and because I'd never studied it I thought it was a bad thing to be a feminist but university totally opened my eyes!

  3. Hahah I love this post! I'm about to graduate college, so this is totally making me nostalgic!


  4. Loved this post so much and the way you used the game "never have I ever" as a writing prompt for this post about your college years. Lovely photos as well and it was so lovely to read a bit about your uni experiences!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. Thank you, it was quite an inspired idea :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

      Thank you for stopping by!

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