This Week's Reads #3

By Issy Goode - 19:49

I write to you now without a mains water supply. After spending over 14 hours tidying and rearranging our room and building an IKEA wardrobe yesterday, we woke up this morning ready to do the finishing touches and then wash and feel a bit more alive after the mass clear out. But no, a massive mains pipe has burst in the local area cutting the water supply to apparently around 20,000 people - what joy! So I'm just going to wallow in my own sadness (and filth) and tell you about some more brilliant blog posts I've read over the week...

I'd first like to make an honourable mention to one of the most relatable posts I've ever read. From joining in last Sunday's #lbloggers chat I got sent some links and found some great blogs to follow. Kirsty, from KirstyLondon, wrote an absolutely brilliant post last week about Why I Don't Adult Well. I absolutely loved this post because it basically just had me written all over it. I read through the list giggling away and mentally ticking off the boxes, proving that I, too, do not adult well. 

Anyway, back to this week's posts!

There was no way I wasn't going to feature the sleepiest little pup I ever did see. Amber has been showing off her new pooch all over her blog Amber Love and Instagram this week, and am I complaining? Absolutely not! The Happiness this week that Amber is experiencing is mostly down to her beautiful sleepy pup named Dobby (could he get any cuter?!).

The thing I love so much about reading other people's blogs is how one moment you'll be cooing over a cute new puppy and the next, you'll be reading something incredibly inspiring. For example I felt it worth mentioning Hannah over at Dainty and Ivory again this week because I really enjoy her blog. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing this post because whilst it's very personal, it's a really inspiring one about A Break Up and the Aftermath. Break-ups are never that easy and you can tell Hannah never found her decision an easy one to make, but I think the post is inspiring because it shows the importance of being with someone that has the same dreams, or letting someone who doesn't go. I think we all sacrifice something for the people we love but Hannah proves that there's only so far you should go, and whilst you may sacrifice things, you should never lose who you are along the way.

There's a new blogger I've just started following this week that I'd like to also share. Hannie, who runs her blog Missing Wanderershared a beautiful and very inspiring post on how she practices Buddhism in her daily life.  I've always wanted to learn more about Buddhism and Hannie suggested a good book to read which I'm definitely going to check out. All the things that Hannie mentions in this post are really important things to live by and it's definitely worth reading.

And now it'd be a bit hard not to mention some Valentine's Day posts. Topping it off is the woman herself, Holly, who rules over her blog Witch Cake - and if you're not following her, now is your chance! I've followed Holly for a while and hands down, she's a really cool, inspiring and approachable individual who's not afraid to be herself. This week, I loved her post In Defence of Valentine's Day. I didn't celebrate Valentine's Day this year with my boyfriend, there's something about living with his parents that didn't really get me in the spirit - but I've heard myself saying things over the years about the 'commercialisation' of it and I just don't understand what made me start saying that in the first place. I've ended up following the crowd in some sense, as many of us do, and a lot of us have said no to Valentine's Day on the grounds that it's just a way for businesses to make money. Now I said no to it this year because I didn't think cooking a romantic meal together and then eating it with his parents seemed, well, romantic but Holly made some really good points that kind of make you want to kick yourself for ever jumping on that 'they're doing it for the money' train. Though not to criticise people who do genuinely feel that it's just another money making scheme - personally, it doesn't bother me all that much but I know some people are genuinely don't celebrate the day for that very reason. It's a post definitely worth a read - and I've taken a lot away from it.

On the back of that, I also really loved reading Lisa's post, on her blog Lisa's World, about why her and her partner love to celebrate Valentine's Day. Their lifestyle and occupations mean that they don't see a whole lot of each other or get frequent opportunities to have a romantic night in or out. So, whilst many of us sit here slating people who celebrate the day, and criticising people for not showing affection everyday of the year, stop and think, what do you know about that couple's or individual's life? Probably not a lot.

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day doing whatever it was you did, and fingers crossed that on Valentine's Day next year, my boyfriend and I might have a place of our own to celebrate in.

I also hope everyone had a lovely week! I was going to add a few more posts to This Week's Reads #3 but I haven't had a coffee all day and my attention span is growing weak. I'm also a tad dehydrated, I've just had half defrosted frozen veg for dinner and I haven't even washed today - this whole being without water thing isn't working out for me.

On that note chaps, I'm going to put some Netflix on - I hope you all have a wonderful (water-filled) Sunday evening!

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  1. Amber's puppy is sooo cute, I've seen all of her Instagram pics! I hope you didn't have to go to long without water!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I know I'm extremely jealous! I want a dog but going to have to wait a while!

      Fortunately it didn't go into the next day but it didn't come back until 10:30pm - so not ideal but we survived aha!

  2. Awesome recommendations! I want a puppy so badly! Hopefully the pipes will soon be repaired and you won't have to go without water!


    1. Thank you! ugh me too, it's one of my life goals right now! They didn't get repaired until 10:30pm which was little annoying, definitely didn't enjoy not showering all day aha!


  3. Thanks for the mention again =) Glad you enjoy reading. Off to look at a few of these and of course agree with 'Why I do not adult well'

    1. My pleasure :) I always do! Hope you enjoy them, aha yeah it was a firm favourite of mine!


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