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On March 3rd, it was the UK's University Mental Health Day - personally, I still don't know a huge amount about mental health despite the fact that I have both family and friends who suffer from various mental health issues. And I know a lot of students struggled at university with their mental health too - I know people who had to really fight to find support in some instances, which seems like a horrible experience to undergo when all you're searching for is help.
The National Union of Students - or NUS at it is better known - conducted some research regarding mental health with 1,903 students across the UK, and reading some of the results was quite a shock. 

According to the study, '78% of students admitted to experiencing mental health problems over the past 12 months. The research (...) revealed that 33% of them have had suicidal thoughts'. A further study in the US by the Centre for Collegiate Mental Health at Penn State University 'found that between 2009 and 2015, there was an increase in students reporting symptoms of depression and anxiety.'*

Your health in general is so important, and people are becoming much more open when it concerns mental health too. As a student, there's a lot of pressure to act a certain way and often live a certain lifestyle that can potentially isolate people who suffer from anxiety, depression and other mental health problems. So, is looking to be a support system for students everywhere. Here's some of their posts concerning mental health & looking after yourself:

- This article is based on research, which I have referred to above, as well as testimonials and advice from older students who have experienced similar problems during their time at university. I found some of the statistics featured in this post quite surprising and it's really worth a read. 

- There were times at university when I felt isolated, anxious, upset and plain miserable but I found meeting up with friends or spending some time outside in the fresh air did wonders. Whilst this advice is great for those of us who do feel down, on going feelings of anxiety, depression and further mental health issue need a lot more than a trip to the seaside. Whilst this advice is great for picking someone up after a bad day, as say, if the feelings are ongoing, don't keep it to yourself and don't be worried about seeking help. 

In general, the blog has some seriously great posts about studying around the world - if you're looking to study abroad they're sure to have some great advice for you! They've also posted an article about Blogs Every University Student Should Read - and there's some great bloggers on there (myself included, not to toot my own horn) that you guys should all check out! 

Stay healthy guys - in mind and body - and remember that you're not alone.

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