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Earlier in the year I really got back into blogging and created a new series called This Week's Reads. Now, if my blog is known for anything it's probably its inconsistency. Whether this be down to university distractions, hangovers or my weakness/one true love, Netflix, I haven't been the world's best blogger when it comes to committing myself. So, I may have lost the week by week share of the series, but I want to bring back This Week's Reads nonetheless. Though this time round, I will make no promises to provide it with consistency. I love reading other people's blogs and I love to blog myself, but when you work in an office all day staring at Excel and emails, blogging doesn't always become a post-work priority, or even something you deem as fun.

Now, if you've not stopped by to read This Week's Reads on my blog before, it's basically a little weekly round up of what blogs I've been reading. Inspired by blogger Belle, whose blog you can check out here, I felt it was worth not only doing my usual of reading and commenting on some wonderful blogs, but also sharing my favourites from that week with my followers too. I expect nothing back from doing this, I simply enjoy sharing some worthwhile reading material! 

Referring back to what I was saying at the start of this post, I do still enjoy blogging but on the odd occasion I just need to push myself back into it to find the enjoyment once more. So, quite aptly, the first post I'd like to shine the spotlight on is For When You Don't Feel Like Blogging, by KatyBelle. I found Katy's post after it was liked by another blogger whom I follow, and instantly followed the link to have a read. All the points Katy makes to help motivate yourself once more are very affective and are definitely good tips to take onboard. She mentions brainstorming, which I find super helpful. A lot of the time a post pops into my head as I'm falling asleep, and rather than let the thought pass and forget it the next day, I grab my phone or a note book and jot down a title, an idea or a first paragraph to return to the next day with fresh eyes. Another point she makes is quite simply to take a break, which is always good to hear. At one point in the blogging world I felt like this really had a detrimental affect on your following but now the opinion seems to have changed and taking a blogging break has been received much more positively, which for me, has taken the pressure off having a little down time from blogging. 

The next post I'd like to share is 2 Most Important Things in Life, published by Karolina on her blog Astral Lane. I don't know why this title caught my eye, but it did. And the two most important things Karolina is discussing? Perception and perspective. It's a very thought-provoking post inspired by the film About Time and I always think that a film that has a positive impact on someone's life is a fantastic one. Now, after reading Karolina's post I have to say it's got me thinking about taking perspective in the moment and changing my opinion towards what is going on. I'm trying to learn to be more patient with people and be more understanding, and perhaps if I can perceive situations in a different light, then it may help me with both my flaws. Have a read of her post to see if it gets you thinking about your own day-to-day life.

Another post that relates to my reasons for taking blogging breaks is 4 Reasons to Keep on Blogging When Everybody Else is Doing It Too, because seriously, who doesn't have a blog now? At no point has my blog been huge, and to see people starting a blog and become famous within a month or two, or having thousands of followers after sharing three posts feels a little like a kick in the teeth when you slog away at it for years and see only minimal progression. It makes you question if your blog is rubbish, if you started at the wrong time or if you have all the wrong content. But, for me personally, I don't feel any of the above are true. When I started blogging, finding a student blog was near impossible, but now they're everywhere which is brilliant to see, but obviously did create more competition. Kelly Anne Rist's post helps remind you of why it's important to remember why you started in the first place. In my case, I've accepted I'll never be a well-known or a significantly influential blogger because I don't put in the time and effort others do, but that's okay.

After all those thought provoking posts, it's time for bit of British beauty. A blogger named Alice recently commented on my latest post, so as I always do, I went and checked our her blog AliceKateX and I'm very glad she stopped by my blog to have a read, else I may not have found hers! Alice's most recent post is the third in a series called Finding Beauty on Your Doorstep with the latest post featuring Ingleborough Caves. There's nothing I love more than seeing beautiful places in the UK and I myself enjoy a good staycation. It's easy to forget that we live in a beautiful country when people post photos of sunshine, white sand beaches and high-rise balconies over-looking incredible cityscapes. It's good to see bloggers sharing the beauty of their local area, and now I've made a note to visit these caves. Check out more posts by Alice, as it seems she's been doing a lot of travelling as of late!

Talking of the beauty of Britain, here's a snap from my latest trip to Dovedale in Derbyshire. We climbed a very big hill, and this photo doesn't quite capture how high up we actually were! 

I also read a great post from India over on her blog Touchscreens & Beautyqueens (great blog name too!) all about What Living on Your Own is Really Like. India recently bought her own home, and all the positives she mentions to living alone are all I've been thinking about recently. Whilst I'm actually looking to move out with my boyfriend, and not alone, I still feel like many of the things India enjoys about life alone, I'll enjoy about a place with my boyfriend. The 'bad bits', as India calls them, are to be expected but if I'm honest, I feel like having a place to call your own is worth it!

The final post to share is quite a simple one, a photo post more than anything in fact, but go check out City Girl Gone Coastal's beautiful Birthday Sunrise. 

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  1. I completely get how you feel about everyone having a blog now and suddenly being successful overnight! Like you, I've been blogging for years. I find so many new blogs are totally unoriginal though, with no personality. Somehow they can afford a fancy blog layout and all the marble and a fancy camera *shrugs*. I see so many student blogs with expensive layouts and clothes and I'm like HOW?!! Like do they not eat ever?! Ah well! I also try to remember why I started, and I have met some sweet people along the way. :D

    Amber Love Blog


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