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My life has felt a bit up in the air recently. Work's been very busy as I've taken hold of more opportunities and new challenges, and my boyfriend's Mum has recently had a hip operation so we've all been chipping in to help out. I've also been making time to go to the gym and go out for dinner so I've really not had the time to blog as of late. I thought blogging during my student years was tough, but boy was I wrong.

Nonetheless, I'm back and bringing another Keele University student with me. Eugene is my next interviewee, who graduated with a degree in English Literature this year. Here's his story... 

Have you enjoyed your time at University?
I have enjoyed my time at university; in order of enjoyment I'd say 3rd year, 1st year and 2nd year last.

Do you have any regrets?
Not putting myself out there earlier and in general, not getting involved in more events and societies. I lived very much in the middle lane during 1st and 2nd year. I was willing to take part in nights out and anything else I was incited to, I travelled fairly often as well, but only in 3rd year did I actively seek out things to do, and get more involved with friends and social activities. I lost more sleep in third year but it's been much more enjoyable.  

What was the highlight of your university years?
Screaming at the militant black guy from Balls of Steel during my first freshers’ week was pretty fun, I got an applause from it. The first time I performed at karaoke as well, about a month before writing this. There are too many highlights to count.

How do you feel you’ve changed over the years?
I felt like I was quite an open person before university, but if possible I’ve become even more open to different walks of life. I’ve become a lot more tolerant as well. My housemate in the room next door pretty much didn't let us sleep after a night out, which my other housemates and I have learned to deal with. As well as dealing with him knocking on my door at obscure times.

Has your friendship group changed much?
I’ve stuck with two of my original housemates from 1st year for all three years which is pretty cool. So in that sense it’s not changed too much, I’m always with them. Perhaps my friendship group has diversified; one of our new housemates this year I’m pretty close with now, as well as people in the KRAP society, whom I’d never really connected with until this year.

What was your biggest achievement?
Maintaining a long distance relationship for near the entirety of my university life. Although my relationship has now ended, we made it pretty far and it was a testing time, one I enjoyed.

Do you feel like going to university has been worthwhile?
I feel like it has been worthwhile; if anything, you gain a lot of experience in numerous aspects. There’s more learning done at university than just inside the course you study. All forms of learning are a positive for me so even if I’m in the same situation when I return home as I was before beginning university, I at least have lived the university life and experienced what it has to offer. 

What are your plans now?
At the moment I’m going to try and form a band. This will be my main priority when I return home. I will most likely work part-time in my mum’s fish and chip shop as well. I will be relearning to drive with confidence and other than that, hopefully relaxing for a bit. I also have a Ninja Warrior audition, which I will be training for.

Eugene captured this photo whilst exploring the grounds of Keele
How do you feel about graduation day? 
Quite excited. It will be sad to finalise the end of university, though I suppose while I can visit, the end is never the end.

What was it like doing a final year project?
Quite challenging. I knew what I was like as a person in terms of studying, so I made a point to try and begin earlier and plan a lot more. I finished a chapter of my dissertation before the Winter holidays and it was still difficult to keep on top of the work load. Having picked modules which were all essay based, I had a lot more typing to do which was difficult to balance at times even when I finished some of them early.

What advice would you give to students going into their final year? 
Plan a little day by day. Try and make a schedule and stick to it. Make your life difficult at the start of the year so that you won’t be stressing towards the final hand in date.

What was the best night out you had at university?
I have no clue; I probably don’t remember it. Any night out where the SU is completely packed out I find enjoyable; I like being surrounded by lots of people whilst on a night out.

How did fresher’s week feels as a final year?
Just like any freshers' week I suppose - a lot of fun. Being a final year student didn’t make too much of a difference because university work hadn’t come into the equation yet.

How did your nights out change as university went on?
They became much more of a reward given the increase in workload. It was also a lot of fun being able to recognize people and say hi to old faces all the time.

Would you do it all again?
Without a doubt.

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