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By Issy Goode - 22:13

Funnily enough my last A to Z Challenge 'E' post was also essays...because when are holidays ever truly holidays?

This time round I have three 2,500-3,000 word essays to write, so nothing much really! Two of the topics I have to come up with myself, which I always hate before starting but prefer to a question given to us when I make it to the finish line. I find it hard coming up with essay titles or questions, hence the panic I've been having with my dissertation, but once I battle through that, out pops a decent least I hope so anyway!

The other essay is one in which we are given 12 questions, and have to chose one to write a long and intellectual essay on. I've gone for 'Can we even call Oedipa Maas a detective?' - referring to the protagonist of Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49. I haven't got an answer for this question yet, so I'm no where near beginning to write the paper, and the book itself is a tough old read because you have many more question to ask than whether or not the protagonist, who is one crazy character, is actually a detective or not. So before I tackle that question, I need to get my head around the plot...

Fortunately (and unfortunately at the same time) I have no job over Easter like I usually would, so this means I have plenty of time to sit on my butt and get these essays written to a first class standard (well I doubt that will happen but it rolls off the tongue better than a 2:1 standard). The additional fact that I'm absolutely skint means I also won't have much of an opportunity to catch up with friends - although since university happened I'm in contact with very few, the best ones stuck around though - and that also means I have even more time to work on these essays. Whilst the pennies from working would have really helped towards my flights for Thailand, shopping for Thailand and also general money for the next few months before I head off on my adventure, I have to say being free for the Easter will be quite pleasant, especially with my boyfriend coming for a visit in a few weeks time!

So off I go, to tap at my keyboard, read books written by people whose intellectual level I shall never reach, and to study poetry that I really don't enjoy...ah the joys of the Easter holidays!

Though at least I get four weeks off...I should probably stop complaining...


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  1. You have four weeks off?! Ugh, so jealous! Currently in week two of my fortnight off and also been bombarded with holiday essays and revision! x

    1. Yeah we seem to be the only uni that does! I feel like I'm getting something wrong and have just decided I do haha! Oh gosh that sucks :( I hope it all goes well! x

  2. I give myself 3 days of doing nothing before starting essays. I had work at the weekend so tomorrow I'm planning all three of mine and looking for what books I want to take out!
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

    1. Ah that's what I did too! Having to babysit today, but will get back to it tomorrow! Ah I have to rely on Google books as I'm already back home, always risky haha :( x

  3. My friends think I'm crazy - probably because they only just left uni - but I REALLY miss writing essays. I used to love it in school, but I haven't got anything higher than an AS level (and not a very good one, either). I get chills looking at all those highlighted lines and annotations.
    Also, it sucks that you don't have a job over easter, especially with what you're trying to accomplish (big thumbs up, by the way), but there's nothing wrong with sitting down and doing nothing once in a while.

    You've got yourself a new follower ^^

    Kim x
    A Blackbird's Epiphany

    1. I think I'd miss it to, to be honest! I always like analysing things and compiling a big long essay, I think I'll miss it a lot when I leave! It is frustrating but that's very true, it will be nice to put my feet up for a few weeks!

      Thank you!



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