My Day Zero Challenge February 2013 - October 2015

By Issy Goode - 18:55

In February 2013, I challenged myself to do 101 things in 1001 days. It was like a bucket list, but now the end has been and gone and I haven't kicked said bucket *sigh of relief*.

Some of my ambitions were manageable but others took a bit of courage, effort and/or time.

When I created the post I said I hoped to have done everything by October 2015, which at the time seemed a long long way away! Alas, the end has come (though I didn't notice it had!) and not everything has been completed, but here is how I did on my 101 things in 1001 days...

Start date: 1st February 2013
End date: 30th October 2015

Total completed: 62
Total failed: 39

1) Move into my first rented house
2) Go on a family holiday
3) Enter the Great Run in Manchester I entered this but on the day I was sent in to A&E for sinus tachycardia
4) Go for a weekend or day get away with my sister
5)  Start a savings jar
Don't use any social networking sites for an entire week
7) Keep room tidy for an entire week 
8) Do something different during the summer holidays - I went abroad in 2014 which was different for me!
9) Take photos at every event of my first year
10) Make a first year scrap book - The photos are printed and ready to go, but I've never got round to it...
11) Learn to drive - I passed on 29/10/2015 - first time - and just in time too!
12) Make a holiday scrapbook
13) Skydive
14) Make a penpal
15) Get published online somwhere other than my blog - I worked for the The Daily Touch.
16) Get a tattoo when travelling - maybe too ambitious, I didn't really travel!
17) Own a car - apparently also too ambitious, my boyfriend has a car does that count?
18) Write up my CV
19) Print off favourite photos from uni- I've printed off pretty much every photo from uni in fact!
20) Eat the extra extra hot sauce in Nandos - I can't understand why 2013 me felt the need for this to be a goal?
21) Unlike all those Facebook pages from my youth - Felt like quite an achievement, there were hundreds
22) Do a photo shoot with Rosie
Go on a girls day out with my sister and Mum
24) Take my niece on a day out
25) Go to Cambridge to visit family 

Style & Beauty:
26) Get a pedicure
27)  Get another manicure
28) Get a massage - it was only a leg massage, I'll have to pay a bit extra and get a good back one. Though my boyfriend is also talented at massages!
29) Sort out my wardrobe
30) Grow my hair to a length I'm happy with - It's well past my chest now! 
31) Buy a piece of clothing I've never owned It was a Hollister vest - I never buy branded clothing but decided one piece could enter my wardrobe and that would be quite enough

Travelling & Exploring:
32) Go abroad
Visit Amsterdam
34) Visit the Lake District again
35) Visit Michael in Nottingham - I went before & after our holiday in August 2013, again in December and look at us now, I've moved in! 
36) Stay in a London hotel
37) Go abroad with friends
38) Point to somewhere on the map of GB and plan a weekend away there
39) Go to Scotland
40) Go on a roadtrip with friends - technically the longest road trips we made were Keele to Sheffield, but we were in a car taking a trip so I'm counting it!
41) Stay in a B&B
42) Move somewhere new - I moved to Nottingham in June 2015
43) Explore more of Cornwall - I suppose I've still got plenty of time left to do this, I visited a few more places but it's a big ol' county! 
44) Find a retro cafe
45) Go to Cardiff

Health & Fitness:
46) Do a detox
47) Don't have any fast food for an entire month 
48) Don't have any fizzy drinks for a month
49) Join a sports club
50) Complete Kayla's guides - I got to week 8 but then university finished and I had no gym access for a little bit, back to it now! 
51) Start jogging
52) Find a sport I love
53) Try Yoga
54) Find a workout plan 
55) Start eating healthier
56) Attempt the 30 Day Shred - I attempted it multiple times and it was really tough, but I started to find it boring and repetitive. I would have completed it if had it kept my interest peaked!

57) Get a degree (English and American Literatures) - I graduated in July 2015!
58) Print off handbooks or make own for every module at uni
59) Achieve a first in a module achieved in first year, semester one
60) Get 100% attendance in a module 
61) Get a job at uni - I got a job as a Student Ambassador!
62) Join a society - I was a part of UBT Keele and Concourse
63) Join Concourse (student run magazine at uni)
64) Publish my first article in Concourse
65) Become a student ambassador- I became a Student Ambassador for Keele University in October 2014

Sell, Save and Earn:
66) Save over £500 in a savings account in 2013 - My second year ruined this entirely
67) Continue my copper collection and cash it in at the end of 1001 days - I've continued it all throughout university but it's currently down in Cornwall so not much chance to cash it in!
68) Sell all the old clothes I no longer wear
69) Don't buy a single drink on a night out - If I did achieve this one the likely chance is I don't remember it! 
70) Get a 2013 summer job
71) Save £1 for a month
72) Sell all the books I don't need and don't plan to read again - Not only do I find it hard to let go, but for some reason no one wants to by my literature from the Victorian period?!

73) Buy a new camera
74) Get a passport
75) Buy presents for friends and family for at least an entire year 
76) Buy a smart phone 
77) Go on a Primark shopping spree - I've done this far too many times now
78) Fix my phone 
79) Buy Mum a giant tea pot 
80) Get a new iPod

81) Go to a comedy gig - I went to Jack Whitehall in March 2014 - read about it here!
82) Go to a music gig - I went to see Example on 18/10/2014, I suppose all the acts that came to Keele count too!
83) Visit an aquarium
84) Visit a zoo - went on 27/04/2013 to London Zoo
85) Go to Nando's for the first time - went on 3/3/2013
86) Go to the cinema 10 times - #1. - 3/3/2013 - A Good Day To Die Hard #2. - 25/04/2013 - Iron Man 3 #3. May/2013 - Fast and Furious 6 #4. - 13/06/2013 - Hangover III #5. - 24/08/2013 - 2 Guns #6. - 28/05/2014 - Maleficent #7. 15/10/2014 - Annabelle.
87) Go to the theatre
88) Visit Stoke's monkey sanctuary - Visited on 1/06/2014 - read about it here!
89) Go make pottery in Stoke

90) Join postcrossing and send 10 postcards around the world
91) Go to my first blogger event
92) Join in with more blog link ups - I joined in with a few over the years but they're not really my thing now! 
93) Do the A-Z blog challenge - check it out here! Excuse the tardy look of these old posts, since my blog has been updated a lot of my old posts don't quite fit in! 
94) Reach 10,000 hits on my blog - Reached on 14/04/2013 - and now I'm also at 100,000!
95) Choose a new theme for my blog
96) Blog about getting fit

Charity & Giving:
97) Set up a reoccurring donation 
98) Do Race for Life 2013
99) Send a care package to a friend or family member
100) Do a charity bake sale
101) Donate to a small charity

It's pretty apparent that my flaws lie in travelling and unsurprisingly, saving money and selling things that I no longer have any use for. Since February 2013 I've achieved quite a lot. The highlights are obviously getting a degree and passing my driving test but now it's time to look ahead to the future. Keep an eye out for my next Day Zero Challenge - I thought the things on this list were a challenge but boy, now I'm in twenties I can't imagine what challenges lay ahead of me! 

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  1. Loving that past you thought that Nandos extra spicy sause was a challenge, still though you managed more than you failed so I'd chalk that up as a win

    1. I feel like I was running out of ideas, though I'm not very good with spicy food so it would have been quite an achievement! Haha! Thank you I'm going with that too!


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