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By Issy Goode - 18:14

There were plenty of things at university that helped get me through my degree - I must admit alcohol probably tops the list but it didn't act alone. My friends helped me cope with the stress, coffee helped me through the late night essays, the internet helped me understand a poem that I just didn't quite get, and at the core of my degree, was Amazon, who stocked and delivered all the books that my degree required I read, or at least owned.

I've not met many students that don't use Amazon at least once a semester. I personally have and still do spend hours trawling through this wonderful site looking for anything and everything, even if I don't need it. 

When I was studying at Keele University my time on Amazon was spent searching for many of the books on my reading lists. I was gifted a voucher before my first semester and it was very useful in helping me kick start what was to become a rather large collection of course required books. I think using Amazon probably saved me a good £100 if not more. I bought some classic books for as little as 27p (used) and when you're a student who can't afford to pay £8.99 a pop, it really is financially helpful.
Not all of these came from Amazon, but I'd say at least 80% did!
But how can Amazon get much better for a student? I mean, 27p books seem enough, don't they? I guess you haven't heard about Amazon Student Prime then... 

Amazon student prime, like the normal prime membership, includes unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows via Prime Video, the Prime Music streaming server with over a million advert free songs and Prime photo which gives you unlimited photo storage on Amazon Cloud Drive - trust me you'll need all the storage you can get with all the photo opportunities university gives you! 

So what's so appealing about Amazon Student besides the above features?

There's an Amazon student membership page where discounts will be available for you lovely lot, and these will also be emailed to you on a weekly basis so you can get in quick and buy all the things you desperately need, and more importantly, desperately want.

I feel the most relative benefit of Amazon Student Prime is the unlimited one-day delivery on millions of items. On the occaisons I choose to order some books from a different site, weeks before my classes started, they arrived weeks after the book had already been studied on the course. However free one day delivery means you could potentially leave it as late as you leave your essays (okay maybe not THAT late). 

After the six month trial is up it will automatically convert to a £39 per year Amazon Prime membership which is £40 cheaper than the normal membership price, yet you still get all the same benefits! Furthermore, upon transitioning to Amazon Prime, students gain access to additional benefits including Kindle Owners Lending Library - where you can borrow popular Kindle books at no extra cost, as frequently as one book per month with no due dates (no library fines - the Amazon world is a better place). You can choose from over 600,000 titles too, if you're a literature student you're bound to find some of the books on your course! 

You'll also get access to Kindle first - this offers early access to new Kindle books across genres from Amazon Publishing. You can choose one of the books a month selected by the editors for 99p, which is a steal if you're a bookworm.

To sign up you must be over 18, have an account, be a student or apprentice enrolled in a higher education institution geographically located in the UK and have a valid academic email address that contains '' or be able to provide proof of enrolment (i.e an NUS card or proof of tuition payments).

So here's a little recap of what you get for FREE for six months and then £39 per year thereafter: 
I tried out Amazon Prime in my second year of university but didn't feel I could afford to pay that bit extra per year on top of all of my other outgoings. However, had this been what was on offer, I wouldn't have hesitated. I only had a one month free trial when I tried Amazon Prime out but it was enough for me to see the benefits, however, at the time I couldn't part with the yearly fee. Six months free followed by a huge discount on Prime makes me wonder why you're not already signed up...

If I've already twisted your arm, click here to get started! 
*This blog post was sponsored by Mission Media for Amazon
*The prices stated are for Amazon Student Prime only, not for a non-student subscription

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