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By Issy Goode - 18:48

Small fact about me: I love listening to music with earphones in. Speakers are great, and my boyfriend has an amazing set, but nothing beats putting those buds in your ears and cutting yourself off from the outside world - provided their decent earphones that is. 

I've never liked chunky headphones either, earphones are a must for me. I can slip them into my bag, keep them wrapped up in a small pocket or pouch. I don't have to feel strapped down by headphones, I don't have to create a space for them.

Back in August I was lucky enough to review some beautiful Klang earphones by Sudio, and boy am I excited to introduced their newest range, Vasa. 

I've not been near another set of earphones since I first tried out Klang, so the only reason Vasa is getting the chance to tear me away is because they are still made by Sudio. 

I've come to really like Sudio as a brand - not just for the quality of their earphones but their quality as a company. I respect the fact that this brand knows exactly what it wants out of its products, and I feel like it understands its audience too. Here's a little bit of background for you:
It all started a few years ago when our funders were looking for earphones. The market consisted of black electronic products as well as street and hip hop products which didn't fit their style. We wanted a stylish accessory, like a watch or a belt, a brand like Ralph Lauren within earphones. They decided to create the product they wanted to buy. The name Sudio comes from an incident when one of the founders spotted the musician Phil Collins in New York having problems with his headphonesWith the frustration of not yet being about to offer any better alternative to Phil the only words he could out were: "trust me I know the feeling"...The name Sudio is an homage to Phil Collins' song Sussudio and the determination of succeeding with the venture rendered from the bitter sweet anecdote. 
I've also come to love Sudio as a brand because they have a back story and a reason for everything. Not only does their name pay homage to Phil Collins but the Vasa earphones are named after 'King Gustaf Vasa, who led the Swedish War of Liberation against King Christian II of Denmark during the 16th Centruy' - you truly do learn something new everyday!

Sudio produces 'elegant products with studio quality sound and exquisite quality' and I feel like Sudio as a brand stand for elegance themselves. I'm so enthusiastic about these products because they're everything they claim to be and more. I love the packaging the products come in, boxed neatly unlike tacky plastic packaging that surrounds your cheap earphones with disappointing quality and a 2 month life span. The packaging is all part of the quality that Sudio provides - and it's even better when it's wrapped up for Christmas!

The crisp white colour of the packaging against the bold black font keeps it simple and elegant, and it continues with the earphones themselves. The brand aims to be, as written above, a brand like Ralph Lauren - meaning high end, aspirational. And I personally think they've achieved this with each pair of earphones, particularly with the gold finish - or in the case of the Vasa earphones, a beautiful rose gold.

So what's the difference when it comes to Klang and Vasa? (though let's not forget Vasa Bla and Tva, Sudio's other ranges!). At first glance, there's not a huge difference. But with such elegant and simple designs, you need not look far or listen hard to see and hear the difference. One of the simple differences in design is the cord length. I love the flat cords that lay so effortlessly upon you and, so far, I haven't had any tangled wires! The cord lengths on Klang were designed to have one longer than the other to make them more difficult to catch and pull out, however, this isn't something Vasa features. Personally, this feature on Klang was great for me because I mostly use my earphones at the gym, when ideally I want the cords out of the way. My partner made this same comment when he tried out the Vasa earphones at the gym too, but it doesn't really make a huge difference, because like all Sudio's earphones these come with a metal clip to attach the cords to your clothing to keep them secure, and it's so easy to slip on to any type of clothing with the flat cords.

The sound quality has improved in my opinion. Sudio claim Vasa to be their 'best so far' - on their website they say you can hear every detail in the music. Trust me now, you really can hear everything very clear and crisp within each song. Each musical instrument used to create the track can be heard perfectly. And of the outside the world, you can barely hear a sound. Nothing gets me more focused at the gym or helps me zone out better than being cut off from the outside world and the Vasa earphones do this flawlessly and you don't have to deafen yourself in the process. For example, whilst writing this post my boyfriend sat only a metre away from me clapping to get my attention and saying my name, not only was I so absorbed in writing this, but I had the earphones in and was blissfully listening to some quality music, not hearing a peep from the world around me! He only got my attention by waving his arms!

Like Klang this comes with a full feature 3 button remote that doesn't take long to get used to - the centre button is your control centre basically where you can pause, play, skip, rewind and it also features a mic for iOS and Android - you have a choice to buy the pair that is compatible with your device.

Here's some technical details on Vasa for you tech-heads out there. I've raised my hands on numerous occasions and admitted I'm not tech, and neither music, savvy and therefore, these specs may not mean to me what they do to some. In layman's terms, these are some good earphones!

Driver & specifications: 

Type: 10,2 mm Dynamic Speaker
Sensiivity: 113dB SPL @ 1 kHz
Impedance: 32 Ohm @ 1kHz
Frequency response: 18 Hz - 23 kHz

Housing: Composite, Aluminium
Finish: High polished metal parts
Model: In-ear
Weight: 22 grams

If you have a music lover in the family, or know someone who has to commute to work on the noisy tube or via buses in rush hour, aren't these just the perfect present for them? As I said I love using mine at the gym, the sound quality really helps you get in the zone and focus on pushing yourself that much harder. I think these appeal to so many people and anyone who's tired of earphones dying on them, tired of buying cheap products that never last and tired of being able to hear the Jeremy Kyle-esque disputes on public transport is 100% in need of a beautiful pair of Sudio's earphones! Treat yo' self.


Just the perfect Christmas present! And as a Christmas treat for my wonderful readers, use the code missisgoode15 for 15% off your order - and don't forget, Sudio offer FREE shipping worldwide! Check out the full range of Sudio's earphones here!
*I was gifted a pair of Sudio's Vasa earphones in return for this post 

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  1. Hi! I am thinking of buying these beauties and I was wondering if you know how they compare performance-wise to other similar-priced models?
    Thank you :)


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