This Week's Reads #4

By Issy Goode - 19:37

So if you read This Week's Reads #3 last week, you'll know that the local water supply was cut off for the entire day last Sunday. Our water did eventually come back on but not until 10:30pm. It got to that point in the evening where part of me kind of didn't want it to come back on. Having not had the chance to shower all weekend I would have had a half decent excuse not to go to work! Alas, it came back and I went to bed feeling fresh. 

However, I've spent the entire week in pain due to a possibly infected wisdom tooth breaking its way through my gums. So, I spent literally the entire day yesterday reading and writing blogs. I'll be honest, I did a lot more writing than reading but here are some wonderful posts I wanted to share:

Sinead over at Love.Style.Mindfulness features some of the most helpful posts ever regarding blogging. I've read a few of her posts now that give hints and tips on how to build your blog and make it better, and one of her latest posts, 5 Steps to A Killer Blog Title has certainly got me thinking about making some adjustments to past and future posts. 

Another blogger providing some really helpful advice is Hannie whose blog, Missing Wanderer, I also mentioned last week. One of her posts this week was about How to Budget for Your Travel Plans and honestly, what a life saver. I don't travel often (and definitely not the way I would like to) and as I'm not well versed in travel prep (I wouldn't know where to start if I'm honest) a lot of Hannie's posts will save me a real headache when preparing to travel!
Tunisia, 2014
I felt pretty jealous whilst reading a post from Beth on her blog Bethany Georgina this week. You may have read a handful of my posts entitled The Hotel of Mum and Dad in which I moan about living with my boyfriend's family and also discuss the pros and cons of the experience. Beth, however, is in luck as she's got a place of her own with her boyfriend, which is all I've been dreaming about since I graduated. Her post The Best Things About Having Your Own Place not only makes me really excited for the day my boyfriend and I finally get our own, but it also makes me feel slightly less guilty about moaning so much about living with his family, when clearly, having your own place is so much more relaxing!

As of late I've been trying to get back into yoga, however, a recent rearrangement of our room has left it near impossible to have the place to practice in. I've instead been trying to meditate at least once a day as I find both really help me unwind. So, with the things I've been trying to do to relax in the evenings, I really enjoyed reading Rae's post on her blog Love From Berlin about the importance of Yoga and Regular Massages. Now, I would really love to be able to afford regular massages or have a doting friend who doled them out for free, and no matter how many times I ask my boyfriend he's not prone to giving me a massage more than once or twice a month, alas, I just can't find the people nor the money to help me with that one. Nonetheless, Rae really makes you think about how important it is to take time out of your day to unwind in a way that relieves your mind from the thoughts of everyday life.

I hope you enjoying reading through this week's posts! 

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  1. I love the way you introduced each post, it's a lot more helpful and interesting than a list of links! I always struggle with writing blog titles, so I'm clicking over to that right now!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

    1. Thank you! Well I love discussing other people's posts - personally just linking to someone's blog doesn't often make me click it but I know talking about each individual posts entices the people who really want to read them! That one is such a helpful post!


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