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Alas the first month of 2016 is over, 11 more to go. I keep seeing photos from last year that remind me how very different life was only a year ago. To begin with I was still living independently with my friends at university and really could do what I wanted. I was also writing my dissertation and going out frequently to celebrate our last year of university. But this post isn't to reflect upon my January 2015, but what I've got up to so far this year. 

I started the year off by posting my next Day Zero Challenge compiling 101 things for me to do in 1001 day encompassing the whole of this year, next year and the most part of 2018. There's lots of things on there that I hope to complete this year, I've completed 7 and a 1/2 so far in January alone which is looking good. I could have started a few more off in January too but there's still plenty of time! If you would like to check out my Day Zero Challenge, click here. I hope it inspires others to write one too!

The main event of my January was going to Scotland. We went for a friends birthday from the 15th-18th of this month and headed up to Argyll, a few hundred miles away. It was about the same distance as Cornwall and the drive up was pretty good. The weather was on our side for the drive and even for the weekend. We drove in dry conditions on the Friday and then the snow fell all of Saturday, covering the ground and mountains that surrounded our cabin. There were some high emotions over that weekend but in general it was a very beautiful little getaway. You can read more about it here.
I've also spent January taking on a few more responsibilities at work. My job can be quite busy as it is but there's always room for development and I've been quite keen to take more on where I can. It can be quite fast paced but some of the new things I'm learning and doing give me a chance to see things differently and learn new things, and it's all looking very good on my CV too! I have a feeling a lot is about to change career wise though! 

Next up I got another visit in with my girls from Keele which was lovely. As per usual I got far too drunk, but one of us always seems to! Last time we went out in Sheffield one ended up being sick, and another ending up falling asleep in the club toilets. Never a dull moment!

But anyway, back to the weekend with my friends! It was an early birthday celebration for Sara who is now 22. Most of her birthdays at Keele were often quite the disaster with various things happening and I hope, even with my drunkenness, this year was a good one for her. We all arrived at Faye's house in Sheffield on the Saturday afternoon and sat down to have a Christmas day. We hadn't seen each other since October/November so we still had piles of Christmas and birthday presents to open and it was really cute opening all our presents together. We went out on that night, I was feeling tired and a little ill with a sore throat and cold but that clearly did't stop me from getting a little light headed and wild!

We went to the same old places we seem to always end up in in Sheffield but to be honest we felt like it was far too busy. It was crowded and there seemed to be hands almost groping you from every angle. Every where we stood it become a little passageway for people going home or going to get a drink so I was getting quite wound up when usually I'd just get on with it. I think people trying to touch my arse got to me a little as it's not something I feel is necessary or their right. I got so uncomfortable at one point I went into the toilets to phone my boyfriend and be sad about other boys touching me. Because, surprise surprise, I don't remotely want other boys groping me.

It was so lovely to see the girls but nights out are so hit and miss these days. They either make me think 'why don't I do this more often' or make me think 'why do I even bother doing this'. It's more often the latter than the former unfortunately. I think I over did it so much at university that I'm more content with a quiet night in or a meal out. I like a drink, there's no claiming I don't, but people touching me inappropriately ain't really my ball game. Or anyones for that matter I'm sure.

Moving on! I finished January off just yesterday with a long awaited meal at Annie's Burger Shack. My boyfriend and I have been meaning to go since last year but every time we tried to book a table it was always full. We gave up and forgot about it but I managed to get one booked for a Sunday and my lord were we full up afterwards. I'll write a little more about my trip to Annie's soon - but for now I can tell you the food was delicious, the service was great and they even let me take a doggy bag home that was basically another meal!

Overall, January has been quite enjoyable. Work has been tiring but I'm always making progress, we've not been to the gym much at least towards the end of January but we've been really happy. I've caught up with my friends and had a good weekend away - even got a bit of snow! What more could a girl need?

How was your January? As always, I'd love links to your January round up posts!

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  1. My January sounds pretty similar to yours! I got a promotion at work, and ended up slapping someone for groping me. Not my finest moment, but I was pretty drunk and it is NOT ok!

    Your trip to scotland sounds amazing, that picture is so pretty, and I'm jealous you got to meet up with your uni girls!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XXX

    1. Congratulations on the promotion! I didn't get a promotion, in fact I'm on the job hunt again now but it's been nice taking on more responsibilities. Good on you! I get so fed up with people doing it, I wish I gave them a good slap too! I think they deserve it really, I just walked away but maybe a Pavlovian approach is necessary!

      It was so lovely and thank you :) I'm surprised they came out well, I only took them on my phone. It was great to catch up with them!

      Thank you for stopping by :) xxx

  2. Urgh men is all I can say, makes me shudder reading that I'd probably punch someone knowing me and give them one of my mouthy, feminist rants haha! Lucky we have decent blokes hey :) January sounded a lovely month for you, I hope work is still going well it sounds like it which is great. Although you mention career change? I'm intrigued! Hope to see you next month xxx

    1. Aha yeah I'm sure I said something to a few of them but I don't remember now! Grimey buggers. Very lucky!

      Ah don't pretend you don't know I know Mum told you ;) xxx


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