Just Another Week at University

By Issy Goode - 19:23

It's been another wonderful and unusual week in Keele thanks to my block, my lovely lecturers, oh and the shot bar. I'm actually starting to get work to do now - a proof reading exercise, two short papers and a written exercise. Some I have plenty of time for, others not so much but I'm sure I can keep on top of it.

The block went out for the usual £1 drinks on Monday - messy as always. Then a few of us couldn't resist the cheeky Wednesday and it seemed only right to go out Friday night too, costing me a little bit of money but I'm still not going over budget. To sum it up this week I've punched a moth to death (felt pretty bad about that), had an ice cream fight, cradled a melon like a baby - insisting that I'd rather punch a baby in the face than punch the melon (what the hell is wrong with me?!) and tried to climb in an oven. It's just another standard week in Keele. Can't deny, I'm loving it.
Sara, Amanda and I
Recently we decided to start discussing the possibility of getting a house together - I know it seems eager but four weeks have flown by. If we could, we'd remain with almost everyone in the block, but a house that big would be a little ridiculous and ambitious. 

We've been here for one month now and I can honestly tell you we're a close bunch already, we pretty much were from the first week. Whether you're in a hall, block or house you'll most likely love the people you're living with - after all you have one huge thing in common, being at uni, away from home, friends, family. And in my block there's another thing we all seem to have in common - the desire to drink copious amounts of alcohol. 

I hope everyone else is getting on as much as we are! 

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