Why I Hate Doing My Own Washing

By Issy Goode - 14:39

So far I can say that I pretty much love every thing about university and student life, except one thing - washing. I despise washing so so much, it stresses me out to an incredible extent. The machines eat your money and decide they'll be the ones that break today, the dryers are just as stubborn. And even complaints don't seem to get them fixed! 

If you're at uni or going I can predict that you will or do already hate washing. Although, today I just had no choice but to tackle the whites...as I'm underwear-less. Today, I am in fact wearing my bikini. This is low. 

What makes it worse is when mother tells me not to 'chance' washing my whites at 60 even though that's the only option the washing machines give! How to reassure me that all my light clothes, Faye's underwear and Sam's shirt won't shrink!  

In other news, student life is going pretty successfully. My finances still appear to be in order, I'm pretty much on top of the little work I have to do and I'm really enjoying myself. My long distance relationship is going really well, my boyfriend's coming to stay from the 3rd to the 7th of November which I'm indescribably excited for. 

I was really happy when I met the people in my block and found out quite a lot of them are also in relationships and the majority are working out fine. Long distance is so hard at times and we're only about 3 weeks in, but I'm trying to make it as easy as possible by just taking each day as it comes, and I think that's what everyone else is doing too. It's the only thing you really can do. The best thing about having other people in relationships is that you not only become friends with them, but their partner's too. And then my boyfriend can meet their boyfriends/girlfriends and gosh it's just one big crazy friendship circle living in halls!

And after this brief post in between washing, I must go and find out whether or not my clothes can still fit me or I should send them off to my 4 year old niece! 

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