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Yesterday,our student radio station - KUBE - put on a great mini 12 hour festival at one of the on campus bars - The Pig and Rat - known as KUBEfest. 

The 12 hour event offered us alcoholic and non-alcoholic shisha's, a BBQ, summer cocktails and the expectation of 'live music from a plethora of bands, along with a selection of DJs as the sun starts to set' and we were not disappointed. The sun was fantastic during the day and I really didn't make the most of it not, I didn't end up joining the festivities until 4pm. By 8pm the cold started to get to everyone, making the crowd pour into the small bar dance floor for a fabulous evening of dancing and drinking. 

Despite the fact that I didn't spend as much time at KUBEfest as I could have done, due to being distracted by food and a film with two of my friends later followed by an early night - 12:30am - I still had a brilliant time. The highlight of the day/night was definitely seeing my friends band Clock House - who have since been renamed as Parisian Youth Culture - play a brilliant set, and then later on in the night an amazing DJ set from Basement Jaxx, Ami Carmine. 
The fantastic Ami Carmine hard at work entertaining the KUBEfest crowd. 
Fi, myself and Ami Carmine. 
We just had to get a picture with her - despite how rough I looked - but it was love. 

It was a different kind of night out, going from hanging out in our usual day clothes to partying in them was definitely unusual, but the atmosphere was so chilled out that it didn't seem to matter to anyone that so many people looked unprepared to party. Everyone went for it and seemed to have a great night! 

There's two more big events to go - the biggest being Woodstoke, which I'm really looking forward to. KUBEfest was a great start to the end of year celebrations, but I'm still trying to get my head round the fact that we're at the end of the year!

A big thanks to the organisers and the performers of KUBEfest, who really did a great job! 

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  1. You and Amy look very much alike! Seems like you had fuuuuun! Great!


    1. Really?! That's the best compliment ever, she's amazing! Thank you! I did indeed :)

  2. seems like fun!



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