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Charlie (left) 19, is from Cornwall living off campus at the University of Exeter, studying Physics. 
Photo courtesy of Charlie

What's the best thing about your uni?
The best thing here is the atmosphere, it's very calm and has lots of countryside, but also has a reasonable night life and lovely people.

What's the worst?
The worst thing is the price, the accommodation here is ridiculously priced and the living costs are higher than I had expected. 

Have you enjoyed your first year?
Yes, very much! I've had a great year, met some amazing people and I've had lots of fun. 

What's your course like?
My course is very hard, it takes a lot of work to keep up and we have assessed problems each week. Though, I did expect a lot of work when I chose physics, and the course here is really interesting and has (mostly) great lectures. 

What's the best memory you've had?
That's a tough one, so many things have been good for different reasons. There was obviously freshers, and a particular party a couple of months ago that springs to mind, that was pretty intense, half the uni seemed to show up to it. There's also other things that have been great that haven't involved drinking, such as a TEDx conference I was able to attend recently. 

How would you describe your freshers week?
Manic. It was a mental week, though specifics are difficult with that one due to the sheer volume of alcohol. It was really good fun being thrown in at the deep end with no one you know, armed with only beer. 

What are the best and worst things about living off campus?
The best thing is the flats, where I live is really nice; I have an en suite and my flatmates are awesome (well, all but one - but you can't get along with everyone). The worst is the price, it's far too expensive! Though that can be said for most of Exeter. Also, the hill to the physics building is a real pain in the ass. 

Has university disappointed you or would you say it met/exceeded your expectations?
It far exceeded my expectations. The course is great, the campus is great, I can't really complain. 

What's your best money saving tip?
Pasta...if your food is beige, your food is cheap.

How do you de-stress?
I either go to the gym or just get pissed. 

What advice would you give to freshers next year?
Have fun! It's only first year so keep calm and don't stress out too much, though remember to work when it matters and learn all the important shit. 

Just for fun:

What drinking game would you pass onto the freshers of 2013/14?
Ah it doesn't tend to matter what game, they all do the job!

Any embarrassing moments?
I drank 2 bottles of wine before a pub crawl with the rock climbing society, needless to say, after a few extra Guinnesses, I was just a mess. As a group we were tied together via harnesses and forced through challenges, such as convincing people we were the bondage society, and climbing bus stations. 

What's your best hangover cure?
Resolve sachets, a cold shower and lots of coffee.

If you'd like to know any more about Exeter University or Charlie's course, get in contact with me - - and I'll put you in contact with Charlie.

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