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By Issy Goode - 11:22

The lovely MoneySupermarket really spoilt us this summer, offering £50 to host a BBQ. I was more than obliged to take them up on this offer, £50 is well over my usual BBQ budget!

I had a friend down from Stoke for the week, and it was her last whole day down in Cornwall, so it seemed a pretty good send off and a great excuse to stuff our faces.

I shall allow the pictures to do the talking:

My BBQ came to a total of £52.30 - but I was lucky enough to have my colleague discount card on hand subtracting 10% off my total, making it a lovely £47.07. 

I chose to go for steak rather than burgers, hake steak rather than veggie burgers (though I provided those too!) and made plenty of king prawn and barbecue chicken skewers. There certainly was plenty of food!

My nephew hogged the humus and crisps (and split it all over the garden too!)
Our next-door neighbours cat thought he'd join in with the seagulls and try his luck at nabbing some grub, unfortunately for him, we had eaten most of it. 
My friend Molly helped out with the BBQ, and it was a lovely last day for her down in Cornwall.

My niece was less fussy with food than usual, asking for more prawns and tucking into anything that took her fancy.

After stuffing our faces, my friend's - Molly and Tyler - joined me for a stroll down to the beach whilst we left the cleaning up to dad (sorry dad!).

Thank you to MoneySupermarket for the generous £50 that enabled me to host a delicious BBQ completely out of my usual student budget!

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  1. Living in equatorial Africa, I have always heard that the UK is notoriously cold. Awkward moment when we are in 13 degree weather and it's sunny in the UK. Great that you had such fun :) The food looks amazing, I love prawns, so jealous :P

    1. Haha yup! It's whether is usually pretty shocking, but it has its days where it showers us in heat rather than rain (albiet not nearly as hot as other countries) Thank you! It was very delicious!


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