On the Road Again

By Issy Goode - 13:09

I've spent a good few weeks at home for the Summer, working away back at my old job in the bakery, earning some pennies, but I made a big decision to move all the way back to my beloved Keele earlier than most, and I can't wait.

Next Tuesday I'll be hopping on a bus for 11 and a half hours, to make the trek to Keele, to temporarily live with my boyfriend for the rest of the summer. I'm cutting myself £1000 short on cash that I could be earning had a stayed down for a further month and a half, and to some people I look pretty foolish. 

But the one thing about university and relationships is that no matter what you do - in most cases, you'll be in a long distance relationship at some point. Whether it's going back home for the summer or attending different universities, you're in one. But it's what you do with it that counts. And as my boyfriend can't go anywhere with his 9-5, five day a week internship at Stoke City Council, I'm making the move up. 

But honestly, I'm not only moving up for him (sorry Matt!) but I've really missed Keele - some people have called me crazy for not embracing my Cornish sights and spending everyday by the beach, but whilst Cornwall is my home, Keele is - as everyone comes to call their university - my home away from home. I can't wait to get back and see my friend Molly who lives in Stoke again, wonder around campus, read books by the lakes and have a few cheeky nights out in Newcastle-Under-Lyme before my hard working second year gets under-way.

And what's also made me really excited to get back to Keele is what's happening on twitter right now...#Keelebecause

If you're considering going to Keele, or you've got confirmation that you are, you really won't look back. 


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