My Blog's First Birthday

By Issy Goode - 20:35

As my blogs 1st birthday is on the cusp of September, I think it's only right that I do a giveaway targeted towards freshers'! Have no fear, this doesn't mean only freshers' can enter, because I myself am going into my second year I intend to go to as much of freshers' week as I possibly can, and I'm sure many people I know will still be living the wild life of a fresher.

To be in with a chance of winning my box of goodies, you simply have to enter below, the more entries you make, the more chance you'll have to win!

The one rule is: over 18's only! If I find out you're under 18, I'll have to unfortunately remove you from the competition. After all, the prize is targeted at freshers' and older university students - and also contains alcohol, so I'm not breaking any laws! 

This give away is also unfortunately only available to students in the UK.

So, here's what's in the delightful freshers prize package:

Mini absolute Vodka
Berocca - from doing my freshers interviews, many people have said this is a great hangover cure!
£10 in Wetherspoons vouchers
A mixture of mocha and cappuccino coffee sachets - save these for the morning after
Pack of cards for the ingenious Ring of Fire
Chocolate - comfort food for your arrival

I'd love to give more than one prize away, but unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I'm still a student living in squalor (I joke, my life's pretty peachy, I just don't have the cash to spoil you all!).

Good Luck! 

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  1. Oooh I like this post! I am starting at Derby University (first year) and studying education studies! I can't wait to meet everyone and unpack my room and make it personal to me! Thanks Paige xo | A Paige At A Time

    1. Sounds like great reasons to me! :) Thanks for joining in xxx

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I'm only here for the vodka and chocolate - the only hangover cure I'll be needing in freshers week is to not stop drinking! :P

    I'm just looking forward to my friends getting back and having lectures again; I just need some structure in my life again!

    Megan xx

    1. Honesty is the best policy :P Aha I know what you mean, drinking more does cure the hangover.

      I'm the same! Thanks for taking part :)



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