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By Issy Goode - 17:46

The weather's been horrible for a good while now and the wind and rain makes me lazier than ever. I've been attending lectures and going to the gym, but the rest of my days have been spent sat inside, tucked up in bed, with or without the boyfriend, with Netflix set up beside me. And with a measly 6 hour week at uni, I haven't got much else to do with the weather this awful!

So, I thought I'd share with you my top picks on Netflix! As I've become such an avid user of the site, I may as well big up the programmes and films I've been non-stop watching.


I started watching 90210 stupidly around exam time. Faye gave it a mention and that was it, I was addictively watching the dramatic lives of rich bitches living by beautiful beaches. I watched series 1 & 2 and a few episodes of series three a while back on days off from college, but never managed to finish the third series, so I started right from the beginning, piecing together the drama that makes these privileged kids so bloody miserable. And watching their drama reminds me how peaceful my life is, I've never had a drug problem, been pregnant or accidentally killed a guy (I think Annie got off pretty lightly for not only a DUI but also running some poor chap into his grave). Whilst my life may be peaceful these lads and lasses also cause jealousy; they remind me that I can't go on shopping sprees, don't own a Lamborghini and I can't buy myself a cheeky mansion or penthouse with a trust fund. Those bitches.


Thank GOD they put this on Netflix. It's easily one of my favourite films because it's so cheesy and brilliant. I tried to make my boyfriend watch it but he fell asleep, the bore. I love the way it goes from cartoon to real life, and how they incorporate the two is so clever (for a non-techy person anyway). The story is so cheesy and predictable, but I love it anyway. Amy Adams is simply brilliant and totally whacky, I wish I could make the dresses she did, and if I were her, I would have returned to the fairytale world!

Saving Private Ryan

Is it a crime that I'd never watched this before? As I made my boyfriend watch Enchanted, I gave him the opportunity to chose the film and he picked this, thinking that I'd probably dislike the gore and war theme of the film, but honestly, it's a fantastic film. You pretty much hate Ryan, for the reason that he proved pretty useless and most of the people that were useful in combat, ended up dying. But there's no one I hate more in the film than Corporal Upham, he's totally useless and he listens to his fellow soldiers die because he's too scared to shoot his gun. Yeah, his cowardice saves his life, and he's got that whole good guy thing going on and obviously war is terrifying, but you just come to hate him because almost everyone else who worked hard to fight off the attack, dies (sorry if I just ruined it for you!). But overall, as with most films staring Tom Hanks, it's a brilliant and very moving watch, definitely shed a tear or two.


Do I really need to go into why this is such a fantastic film? If you haven't seen it, as if...but get to it, because not only are you missing out, but you also definitely didn't get that last reference.

Orange is the New Black

If you haven't watched this series you must. It's not for everyone but I really enjoyed it. And the ending was so dramatic and such a cliffhanger I simply CANNOT wait for series two to begin. It's about a woman whose life goes pretty tits up, and sometimes you sympathise for her, other times you see her as the total bitch the other characters think her to be. You get to know the inmates better and figure out your favourite characters and their sneaky secrets as the series goes on, alongside seeing how the relationship of Piper and her fiancé, Larry, survives in a long distance relationship where the distance is only the bars that separate them. It's pretty raunchy in parts and the flashbacks to Piper's previously adventurous life develop her character and show her to be a pretty strange individual, not just some 'privileged New Yorker'. I also began watching this around exam time, and I when I get my results, I'll be able to conclude that without OITNB and 90210, I would have done a lot better.

What's helping you get through these rainy days then? I've almost finished the three series that are available of 90210, so do leave any suggestions for future programmes that I can get addicted to! 


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  1. Saving Private Ryan is such a GREAT film! I wish I could've had the chance to watch its debut in the theatre back in the 90s but they didn't allow children to witness such violence. The cinematography is just ravishing and raw, I love it! It's one of those movies I feel like watching when I'm really pissed off, for some reason. The display of real violence cools me off a bit, I guess.
    Orange is the New Black... Can we mention the Regina Spektor's voice in the intro? And those DIY flip flops? Tricia's wigger hairstyle? Laverne Cox and the hormone shenanigans? So many interesting, addictive stories!

    1. I totally agree with you, the violence is extreme and so realistic, I think it's why my boyfriend thought I might not enjoy it but the cinematography just wowed me. I can imagine it would cool you off!

      Oh my god her voice is stunning, I love the song too! Aha I'd never be that ingenious! Aha Tricia's hairstyle was definitely an odd choice. I loved how each person had their own story line, it's such a great show and almost every episode ended on a cliffhanger!

  2. I'm definitely considering getting Netflix, love the programmes you've chosen :)

    1. It makes rainy duvet days so much better! Thank you :)


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