Looking Back on January

By Issy Goode - 17:09

I find it crazy that it's already the end of January, it feels only days ago that I wrote up my January To Do List. It's been a rushed month with late nights spent revising and even later nights spent drinking, but ultimately, I think January's set me up with an attitude that I hope I'll carry on through to the rest of 2014. 

My goals for January were:

Raise at least £50 for Thailand
         I only managed to raise £30 this month due to not having the chance to get out and do some proper fundraising, but I did sign up for the Great Manchester Run (which you can read about here) and have saved a fair few pennies myself as well as written to a few trusts who I hope will be able to support me. 

Revise and sit my January exams, and come out happy
         Perhaps I didn't revise as hard as I could have done but I put pen to paper and wrote something at least, and I've come out quite pleased with my efforts, but I won't find out how I actually did during semester 1 of second year until February 21st...I think it's too late to be asking for luck...

Organise my fastly dwindling finances
         Well I can tell you they're still fastly dwindling but more organised than usual. I keep a little diary of everything I buy, literally everything. So that means every penny is accounted for. My rent's safely tucked away so I won't dive into it and I'm not spending too rapidly!

Apply for a few jobs
         I applied for a few, heard back from one which was 'no longer accepting applications' - why do they hate me so. But, alas, I still remain unemployed as most jobs around here seem to be looking for permanent applicants or bar staff - and I'm not remotely willing to walk back through town in the early hours of the morning or yawn my way through lectures (let's pretend I don't do that already).

Organise my trip down to Aldershot
         Unfortunately my plans were bigger than my pocket and I've had to cancel my visit to meet Nadine. 

Buy a passport
        ...ah shoot...

Put back money
         Who was I kidding? I've got no bloomin' money to put back! 

Other than the success and failures concerning my to do list, the end of January has led me to the decision to cut my drinking down drastically, I'll probably include blog posts on how this goes because I know how much pressure people feel to drink at university, and often alcohol's associated with having a social life, but hopefully, cutting down to almost nothing won't mean I lose my social life! I hope to get in better shape for the Great Manchester Run and for my irresponsible drinking habits to no longer cause any more problems (particularly the pains of a hangover) but more so to improve my attendance at university and my motivation. 

Plus, besides Rekorderlig, alcohol tastes pretty disgusting. 

I hope everyone else managed to find success in their goals during January, and that February is an even better month!

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  1. Hope you are able to find something soon. The local grocery store I shop at was hiring today and I was amazed to see how long the line of applicants was.. it is a tough market right now

    1. Thank you! I hope so too. It's definitely tough, even for part time jobs!


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