Fundraising Update: I'm No Athlete

By Issy Goode - 17:50

I haven't blogged about my fundraising for VESL in months because I haven't had the chance to get out and do some proper fundraising, but finally, I've got some plans.

My current total stands at:

As of this month I'm signed up and in training for The Bupa Great Manchester Run in May. Now, running for some people is a hobby and a passion, but for me, it's my worst enemy. Since primary school I've hated running, I'm awful at it. I run like a total moron and can't run for more than a minute - yep, I'm that bad. In school I'd go out of my way to avoid participating in any running activities - which if you recall, is a lot. Not just on sports day either, games were a terrible form of fun for me unless they involved playing a parental role (mums and dads of course), throwing a rock onto a number or being 'stuck in the mud' (because as soon as I got stuck I told people not to unstick me. Running = avoided).

Running as a way of fundraising may not be a challenge for most, but running in this 10k will be a serious achievement for me. I'm not as fit as most, I don't have a passion for running and I definitely don't have the ability for it. But I like a challenge!

I'm in the gym 3 times a week, on the treadmill, red faced like a mad man to get fit for this run, and I'd really like your support. I'll be running to raise money for VESL and my volunteering in Thailand this July, this is one of the many things I'll be doing to raise money in the 6 months before I leave, so keep checking back to see how I'm doing! 

Any amount of money, big or small, is truly appreciated by both myself and VESL. To donate, simply click the JustGiving button below and I'll give you a big virtual cuddle in return.

Thank you!

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  1. Oh good for you!!
    I'm a big fundraiser and like to do charity events but no way could I ever do a run!! I don't envy you in the slightest haha
    I'm sure if you keep little bits of training you'll surprise yourself and do awesome :)

    Best wishes, Danielle.

    1. Aha really? Yeah I'm almost regretting entering, I don't know if I'll manage it! I'm awful at running but keeping things up at the gym and once the weather improves I'll be jogging outside to train for it.

      Thank you!


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