Reasons to be Unmotivated

By Issy Goode - 17:52

Do you feel you have an exquisite talent for procrastination? 

Are you finding that your exam revision is going no where?

Are your exams and deadlines only days away?

Was your answer to all of the above questions, yes?

Brilliant, then we have something in common and you can check out my reasons to be unmotivated during the exam period. Yep, I'm condoning procrastination during the nail-biting month of exams and deadlines, because I want to drag you all down with me - though, from twitter, I gather most of you are also avoiding your responsibilities and hiding from the books and notes that so desperately need your attention. 

But you know what needs your attention more? TV.
That's not remotely true, you can catch up on everything in the future, but there's no time like the present, aye.


I used to be a big fan of Sherlock, but I suppose the 2 year wait dwindled my passion for the series. With #SherlockLives taking over Twitter two weeks ago I was desperate to see how Sherlock pulled the wool over all our eyes, but the moment John said 'I don't want to know how you did it' before attacking Sherlock once more, I realised we'd be left guessing what the truth was for possibly another 2 years (I don't think they'll be that cruel but I don't trust them now!). Nonetheless, I'm keeping up with the series but it's proving to be not as enjoyable as I once remembered it.
 *prepares to be attacked by die-hard Sherlock fans*

The Undateables

How can I sit down and revise when this brilliant show has returned to our televisions? I love The Undateables. This show reminds me of Beauty & the Beast: Ugly Face of Prejudice, and it really makes you think about yourself, how shallow you can be and whether you care more about the book or the cover. All the people on the show are truly lovely and the way they have such positive attitudes makes you wonder why you worry about the little things in life. It's a refreshing show to watch and the people on it are so much more genuine then those on TOWIE or Made In Chelsea.

Game of Thrones

Whilst it's not back on our televisions yet, I'm catching up on past seasons as a late lover of the series. It's absolutely brilliant. I'm nearing the end of season 3 now, so I should be all caught up - and probably have watched it all over again - by the time it gets to April for season 4. Game of Thrones is a series (I have yet to read the books so can't comment on them!) in which you come to hate and love so many of the characters, and with so much going on you're never bored of the events and are always left on a cliffhanger somewhere in the story.

Is Jamie growing on anyone else? I've started to find his character more tolerable as season 3 goes on, perhaps it's because he's been treated like utter crap and I feel someone should forgive him for his sins. Except shagging his sister, that was not on man. 

The Walking Dead

Once again, it's long finished and isn't returning to our screens until February, however, I've only just got around to watching season 4's mid season finale, and my goodness, what a whopper. The feels were certainly out for this one. I started the episode with an article and pencil in front of me, intending to skim through and pick out some quotes, but it wasn't long before that was swept aside and the laptop was pulled closer so I could absorb all the events. I was warned in the episodes sneak preview, 'some will fall', and some certainly did, to my dismay.

It's fascinating how attached you can get to characters, and I'll warn AMC now that if Daryl dies, I'm done with you.

I was happy to see this finally happen. With the attack going on I started to worry that AMC were going to leave the Gov hanging around for the rest of season 4, but thank God Michonne was on the job.

So, I've been wasting my precious revision time watching television, making the odd trip to the gym and eating noodles. What have you lot been getting up to? I'll feel pretty awful about myself if you all say revision, so humour me.

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  1. I really loved Sherlock's first 2 series, but I feel like this series is just trying too hard to please a small percentage of fans. Sadly, I'm not in that percentage and just want to see them spend an hour or so solving mysteries...

    1. Phew I'm glad someone agrees with me! They spend about 10 minutes of each episode solving crimes and the rest just having a domesticated chinwag!

  2. Been putting off work for about 2 weeks now. and BEING A DIE HARD SHERLOCK FAN okay i'm joking but I actually really love this series along with the rest of them. I think (to your comment above) the relationships need to be the main focus... we've waited 2 years to find out what happened and think about Watson! It's nice to know what is happening and how everyone is feeling and I don't think they could have jumped in straight away with solving mysteries because he "died" - It couldn't have just gone back to normal really. But opinions are opinions! ;) I also watched the Undatebles for the first time ever and I really liked it. It was interesting! Should probably start doing some actual real work now.... hmmmmmm

    1. Same aha. I totally see what you mean actually, when you put it like that it does make a lot more sense that they focus on the relationship side. I have been enjoying the series and the next episode does look really interesting, I think I was just after mystery immediately. aha good luck with it all!


  3. The end of The Walking Dead, argh February cannot come quick enough.
    If you do like reading you definitely have to read Game of Thrones!


    1. I know, I'm so curious about what's gonna happen!
      I definitely need to :)



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