Instaweek #1

By Issy Goode - 18:36

Since I finally got an iPhone last year I have become positively obsessed with Instagram, updating it a fair few times during the week, and I thought it was about time I shared all the photos upon my blog too! 

Monday morning had me feeling tired and lazy! I woke up at my usual early time but slobbed about in bed for much longer than I usually do. Though the sun was shining through my pointless white curtains so I had to begrudgingly get up and actually do something! Later on my housemate popped back from his lectures and delivered some treats! I don't buy myself chocolate so when he offered me one of the mousse eggs I couldn't resist. I have to admit for the price they're not worth it, but they were still very welcome on my lazy Monday! 

My Monday morning feelings continued throughout the week. I have far too many things to do in third year that even writing a list of all the things to do is a task! I'm drowning in notes, quotes and novels this year. So what is my solution? Gossip Girl.

With the sunshine poking it's beautiful face out from behind the clouds last week I began pining for my home county. The first image is a photograph I took from a hill that overlooks the harbour in my village back in summer '14. Need I say what my second image is? And yes I have not done them the Cornish way (traitor they cry) but I prefer cream and then jam!

On Saturday my boyfriend and I decided to head into town with two of our friends. We went for lunch and had a good nose around the shops, I bought myself a new bikini and two new tops, one of which I model in the selfie above! We also had to make an obligatory stop in Lush, where we had a good sniff and smother of the products. I was drawn to these incredibly glittery bath bombs and we all got covered in gold! If only I had a bath at uni!

We decided to make Saturday a whole day off from all the work we have and play a game of Risk in the evening. Initially we considered having a few cocktails but we got straight into the game and played on until gone midnight. I held Africa for the game whilst my boyfriend attempted to take the whole left side of the board. One of my housemates had never played before so despite his many opportunities to destroy my meagre army in Africa, he focused his efforts on holding Asia instead. There was also quite a dispute about my housemates boyfriend's tactics. Matt decided to try and fight everyone off, leaving him with one country on the board. After encouraging his girlfriend to stop Mike from taking America, he moved on and stole Australia from her. Betrayal. Once she was wiped out of the game the remaining three of us decided to turn on Matt as vengeance for Faye, and once we wiped him out the game we called it a draw!

During Saturday's shopping my boyfriend and I came across this adorable little plant pot in Poundland. We've been nursing a basil plant in my room for the past week or so and decided it now deserved a new pot. Sunday lunch is a bit different when you're a student. On the left is a pizza we made (ft our new suited and booted basil). We used a tortilla wrap rather than a pizza base, which I really enjoy, and chucked on some passata, ketchup, cheddar, brie, smoked ham, tomatoes and basil! It was delicious, even if it wasn't a roast!

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  1. Such a fuun week, the pizza looks so yummy!! And yeah the chocolate mousse egg things are so not worth the price... xxx

    1. It was so tasty! I really wish I could make my own dough though, definitely something I'm going to have to learn! Yeah I wouldn't have bought them myself, he picked them up because they were on offer, but even on offer they were still £2! xxx


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