The Thoughts You Have When Approaching Graduation

By Issy Goode - 12:01

After submitting the last short paper I will ever write for my degree recently, I realised how crazy it is that I'm a dissertation and three long essays away from finishing my degree. I have one week left of seminars after Easter and by May 7th, my final essay will be in and I will have finished my degree.

So, having seen the melt downs on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram I decided to compose a post of some of the things us third years are feeling and thinking, just so you all know what to expect in the years to come...

What's it going to be like living with my parents again?

Is it still okay to eat instant noodles in your final year?

How have I not been out in 2 months?

Why did I decide to go out last night, I'm old and fragile, I do not have the time to nurse a hangover.

What even is a dissertation. When will it end. What am I writing, what was my argument in the first place?!

I don't even know when this is due in.

My 21st birthday is 100% an excuse for a week of doing no work. All my friends 21st birthday's are also an excuse to have a week off work, I couldn't possibly get into writing and research when any friend could potentially require pre-pre-pre 21st birthday celebrations. I must be there in their hour of need. 

I never want to leave student life, I shall be a student foreveeeeeeeer!

Right I am so done with student life. Student's are messy, immature. I'm done.   

I need a drink.

When I graduate maybe I'll cut out drinking completely.


What should I wear for graduation? 

Assuming I'm going to graduate. I've so got this.

I need to buy clothes for the next 10 years to make use of my last few months of student discount.

Right, it's about time I looked at holidays.

 Treat yo' self.

I should probably start looking at graduate jobs.


When will I be able to buy a puppy?

My CV is years out of date.

I wonder who I'll never see again from university.

Maybe I should have gained more experience. I hope 'fluent in Netflix' impresses potential employers.

Wooooo, I definitely, one hundred percent LOVE student life.

I hate it.

Remember that time in first year when...

I am 100% not mature enough to enter the adult world. 

Trust me there is much much more going through the minds of us soon to be graduates. I bet you can't wait to be one! If you're a soon to be graduate, how're you feeling about the fast approaching end of your student life? 

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  1. 'Treat yourself' is the story of my life! haha!
    I agree with all of these but I also think you forgot 'I'M GONNA BE FREEEEEEEEE' ;) xx

    Sam | Samantha Betteridge

    1. Haha agreed! My poor bank account just knows it :P Haha very true!! xx

  2. Yep, Issy. You've basically summed up my exact feelings right there.
    I'm trying to write my dissertation now (month to go), got my graduation date last week & to be honest... Really dreading giving it all up.
    I know they say 'you get ready to move on..' and 'isn't it all exciting?!'... Well no, it's also blooming terrifying!

    One you forgot:
    'Coffee. Coffee will get me through this degree!'

    Good luck with it all!
    Emily xx
    Auburn Antics

    1. Haha glad to hear! Ooh I have one month to go as well, even less now! I got my graduation date today, and I'm in two minds still I think!

      Coffee! Of course, how could I forget all that bloomin' (delicious and helpful) coffee!
      You too :)

  3. I'm still missing Uni after 2 years...graduation is so much fun! xx

    Halcyon Velvet

    1. Ah I'm worried I'll feel the same tbh! xx

  4. I am ALWAYS treating myself. I need to stop haha. But of my goodness, almost done with your degree? Congrats! That's so awesome. I can't even imagine that right now! Such a long way away :) / creative + lifestyle blog

    1. It's the best way to be honest ;) Yep, scary stuff! Thank you :) It'll fly by, take hold of every opportunity and enjoy every moment! x

  5. "Why did I decide to go out last night, I'm old and fragile, I do not have the time to nurse a hangover."
    "When will I be able to buy a puppy?"

    ABSOLUTELY ACCURATE. fantastic post! haha i had a good giggle at this


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