Instaweek #2

By Issy Goode - 21:35

If there is anything I can one hundred percent be certain about right now, it's that I'm glad it's a new week! Last week consisted of lots of work. I'm still trudging along writing my dissertation, with each chapter taking so much energy from me that I've barely had time to think about anything else. However, I had to last week due to the deadline of another essay and working the Visit Day as a student ambassador, which is actually quite a welcome break from being sat at my desk! But here, from my Instagram, is my week (very much simplified) in pictures:

Who here is a fan of The Walking Dead? I'm loving the latest season and since my friend introduced it to me back in college I haven't been able to get enough of it! However, what I couldn't get any of this week were the latest flavours of Magnums. I almost tempted myself into buying some whilst shopping the other week but refrained, though they do sound delicious. I also saw, just before Mother's Day unsurprisingly, some beautiful displays of flowers in Sainsbury's and these dyed multicoloured roses really caught mine and my friend's eyes. Whilst I'm personally in preference of natural coloured flowers I have to say that these are, and only one word will fit here, groovy. I feel like my mum would have appreciated these!

Cats are kind of my idols. They have such great lazy life's and I feel like they kind of live like students too. This cat in the sink does not belong to me, I wish it did though, because during this week I was torn between wanting to be this cat and wanting to snuggling this cat to make the essay stress go away. Whoever this cat belongs to, please snuggle it for me? The other cat, being a piece of sushi, is a little disturbing and disturbed. It was a random photo I came across on Instagram and it had other sushi cat friends, but I felt this one spoke to me on an emotional level. The level being a highly stressed one. And of course, the middle photo is my weekly update that I am, indeed, still watching Gossip Girl for the second time round, and yes, it is still distracting me from working.

It took a hell of a lot of courage last week to post a photo of my wee tummy. I've always had self esteem issues with my body, but since I started going to the gym last year my confidence has definitely grown. I only really started dedicating some time to the gym about a month or so ago, and whilst I don't have a comparison picture to show you, I feel like I've really made some improvements! The two selfies on the right are just after I had 2 inches lopped off my hair. Going to the hairdressers is always such a great feeling, if you like the cut that is, which fortunately I did as it was only a simple trim! As always I felt sassy as ever with my salon styled hair, though also as always a few hours later it was whacked into a messy bun and I said goodbye to ever having my hair as perfect as it was on that day. 

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  1. Those magnums look amazing ;) and well done for building up the courage to post a photo! You definitely look great, lovely xx

    Sam | Samantha Betteridge

    1. I desperately need to try them! Thank you :) xx

  2. You're looking fab sis :) those are rainbow roses you can buy the seeds online :) xxx

    1. Thank you :) Ahh are you serious?! That's crazy! xxx


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