A Successful Presentation

By Issy Goode - 19:56

Yesterday I did my first presentation for my Reading Film seminar group! I'd been paired up in the first week with the person sat at the other end of the table I was sitting at with the awkward two seat gap between us. Fortunately, he turned out to be a really nice guy. We both admitted we weren't particularly good public speakers - we mentioned trying the whole 'picture them naked' thing, but realised picturing our lecturer naked wasn't the nicest idea and may make things awkward for a while.

Our presentation was on Groundhog Day - we got to choose it and I'm so happy we did! We drew up a plan of action after the film screening on Thursday and then planned to meet up on Sunday to put the halves we agreed we'd do, together...yeah, that didn't happen. My cough and cold went from bad to worse so I couldn't make it to Jason's house on Sunday - this was to his delight because he got to stay in bed! So at 12 o'clock yesterday we headed to the library to whack what we had together, which didn't happen either because there were no free computers.

Dilemma. We had no choice but to head back to mine at quarter past 12 - our seminar was at one. So we waited until twenty-five past for a bus back to Hawthorns, got to my block around 12:36 with the intention of getting the 12:55 bus. If anything, it was just lucky both of us weren't particularly organised. I'm sure you may be asking yourself how on earth could they call it a success...you just wait....

We put my slides on camera angles, music and time onto the USB to add them to Jason's slides of time and religious and spiritual meanings to make one wonderful power point analysing Groundhog Day.

The slide show was just the first bit, we still had to talk. And to be honest it went really well, we didn't stutter, we didn't stay awkwardly silent and it genuinely looked like we'd prepared it at least a week before.

Obviously our lecturer agreed...

'You gave an impressive and detailed presentation. Clearly, you had worked together preparing for the presentation - well done.'

Although our lecturer had nothing bad to say about our presentation, I don't plan to cut it that fine again, but I'm really pleased with the feedback Jason and I got, and despite being disorganised we managed to pull it out the bag! I honestly don't advise it though - it's very stressful. 

I hope everyone else is giving themselves more time to do presentations and keeping on top of the university load. 

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  1. Groundhog day is one of my favorite films of all time!

    How was the book compaired to it? or was it on the film? and or the book?

    1. *Bonus Joke*

      Stop being ill Isobelle

    2. It was just on the film. (: It's one of mine too!

      I'm not always ill! It's a little cough!

  2. sum up your thoughts on it!
    seeing as i wasnt at the presentation!

    1. It's pretty hard to sum it all up now, it was done in such a rush aha!

      But basically, we talked about enlightenment, morality, Karma, Buddhist meanings. The whole concept of time etc, how he repeats the same day until he's actually changed into a better person.


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