Living in Shared Accomodation

By Issy Goode - 19:00

As you all know I'm in shared accommodation here up in Keele with the most wonderful bunch of people, a large block with 30 rooms and currently only 26 people - we think! 

We share one kitchen amongst the 26 of us, there's three cookers, five fridge freezers and one sink. Then we have the dining area - which we spend most of our time in:
Rusty, Ed and Alex having a few drinks before the Rockstars V Party Animals freshers event, day 5 in M block.
You may find it surprising that we spend most of our time here when we have a ridiculously small table and only four chairs - you move and you loose your seat. Our rule, your mistake. This is our eating, pre-drinking and basic hang out area, we make the most of what we have, seat sharing is common and people who eat get the seat. Because we all get on pretty well we've all established what the rules are with dinner and seat space, when's the best time to cook, when you don't want to be in a hectic kitchen, and most importantly when it's time to throw the dishcloths away.

The other thing we have to share is the bathrooms. In the whole block we have two bathrooms - boys and girls - both have one shower and two toilets. This sounds like it could be a pain in the ass, but truthfully I haven't had a problem at all. I've had to wait for a shower about twice, and it was about a five minute wait, so it honestly hasn't bothered any of us. 

To most it may sound like an awful cramped place to live, yes your food gets buried in the freezer, and your bread gets eaten if you leave it out, but to be honest there's only minor things that can grate on you. The messy kitchen being the main thing. But, when I say we are like a big family, I really mean it. When people go home for a weekend, they love returning to our Hawthorns home. We've known each other for 6 weeks and miss each other when we're away. 

My friend Amanda (Panda) had her birthday yesterday and absolutely loved it. We all chipped in to buy her a birthday top hat - I'll show some photos to you all soon - and a cake was made along with a card we all signed. I think having all these people make such an effort on your birthday makes you feel so important - we even went to the effort of making her a birthday dirty pint, in it was vodka, Archers, Disaronno, coke, lemonade, a bit of chicken, chicken juices from a pan and gravy granules. Because we are just so lovely. 

It was also my sisters birthday yesterday so a big happy birthday to my big sis, Cupcake Mumma!

Today it's my friend Deacon's birthday, we went out for Amanda's last night so when the clock struck twelve we all leapt on Dea and his birthday began. We had also given him a birthday dirty pint before we even left - I won't talk about what we put in his pint, because it was disgusting, but he powered through and drank it, somehow. He'll receive his birthday surprises in time!

I also managed to successfully submit my second essay today - I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'm quite clearly a person who loves to work under pressure. I woke up at 8:30 this morning - after going to bed at 5:30, to write the last 500 words of the essay. I had it all planned out, knew exactly what to write, I just like the pressure, or I'm just super lazy!

Now, I best go rejoin my block who are gathered in the kitchen singing Bob Marley!

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