I'm Alive and Learning - My First Freshers Week

By Issy Goode - 12:48

So, it's been a long forgetful week of Freshers and we've all come out of it alive, with colds (some heading towards flu), and still up for another drink.

The drive up was good fun with my sister, Mum and Dad. We got me enrolled and arrived at Hawthorns block M (after mum freaked out about the directions to it). Unpacking a very full car, I warn you now, is a very tedious business. Once it's all done you feel that joyous sense of fulfilment until you go to your room and everything has got to come out of it's box (I'll be honest, I still have one full box). We were given a welcome pack full of little helpful freebies - we originally thought it had a meal in it, but just the seasoning for some fajitas doesn't quite work out as a student meal (almost though).

After the goodbyes were all done and a block friend and I had wondered briefly around campus, we all gathered in the kitchen to make the awkward introductions. It wasn't all that awkward but I couldn't resist offering everyone a hand:
This surprisingly lasted us until Tuesday, with help from the Student Union. I can't emphasise how handy shot glasses are, they are most definitely a key item to take to uni with you. We've had a hectic week of drinking, and we've all already become such good mates. We also, somehow, managed to drag ourselves to introductory lectures either hungover or drunk, meaning that we no longer remember what normal truly feels like. I've had to adopt a way of remembering which night was which; Saturday was the night I tried to break into all the halls in Hawthorns because I couldn't find M block, Monday was the night my friend woke up next to the Chapel at 3am, Wednesday was when Me, Faye and Alex bought outfits for the fancy dress and we're too drunk to leave the house, and Saturday I woke up at 9am asleep on the stairs. I'm about to say a phrase I despise using, but it is truly the only way to explain our week...YOLO.

I've taken almost 400 photos over freshers week, plenty of our hall and drunken friends we've made on SU nights. I'd take a picture of my room and more, but my camera, which was on the way out anyway, has now been laid to rest and a replacement may be in order, providing I don't need to buy any food for a week!
So far, I can't even describe how much fun it's been. I couldn't have a better bunch of people to live with, we've passed on all these phrases and, in some cases, accents to each other, we've heard some classic drunken lines too such as 'That's pasta, that is', 'Stephen Moffat said I could sit here so I can' and I've passed on the only way I can describe everyone when we're drinking - 'filthy'. 

The real learning has only just started, but I can tell you what I have already learned just after my first week; I definitely can't dance, I know even more now that I can't sing, sleeping in weird places is acceptable during freshers week, offering Vaseline to strangers isn't socially acceptable, the alcohol stall in the market has some illegal feel to it that makes you want to say 'seems legit', I'm too lazy to wash my clothes, not all students can't cook, but the ones that can can't be bothered to anyway, I have a problem keeping my room tidy and that I can drink a hell of a lot more than I ever thought, as can many of the people in my block.

I can't really sum up this week with just YOLO, but I can say that despite not having all that much recollection of it, it's been one of the funniest and most enjoyable weeks of my life, all thanks to the chaps in my block.

I hope everyone's freshers weeks were messy and hectic (in the best possible way). Now time for some learning...maybe?

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