Boredom at University

By Issy Goode - 12:51

For the past 9 weeks I've let my readers into the student life of little old me and most of the tales I've told seem to have involved alcoholic beverages, but there's more to student life.

We're like an episode of Big Brother or I'm a Celebrity (I apologise for making a reference to these but it makes sense)  - you only hear/see snippets of the interesting stuff and you don't get all the boring bits. 

What do we really do with all this spare time? The majority of us study about 8 hours a week with lecturers, and are expected to triple this amount of study time alone - but I honestly doubt we all do that. Some people in the block have hobbies and belong to societies such as football, Church society and rugby. I myself don't belong to any because I haven't found any thing that really interests me - this may well bite me in the ass next year. 

Much like when I was a college student I watch tonnes of TV on the internet, catching up on Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Fresh Meat, Misfits, and (I am I really admitting I watch this to my readers?) Geordie Shore

Honestly, I love university, but we do get pretty bored. There's only a certain amount of time you can spend in the kitchen chatting about pointless rubbish and only a certain amount of hours you can spend watching things on your laptop - even hilarious YouTube clips. And banter can only entertain for so long. To curb our boredom, we have film nights on Thursday and on occasions go for an M block family meal over at the pub we are minutes away from. 

I think that's why we love going out so much, because in the evenings, perhaps more so because we're 15 minutes off campus, we just don't feel like we have anything to do. But as students, we can be pretty lazy - not that every student is lazy, it's just sometimes we prefer to complain about being bored than go and find something to do. The weather is not exactly helping our situation, it's getting chillier and chillier up here in Keele, making us lazier and lazier.

I've heard some people - not ones I live with - saying that university is a real let down and they're desperate to go home. I can't imagine why, I love the freedom of uni. I enjoy everything about it, I've felt homesick about twice - once because practically no one was here and had gone home for the weekend, and the second time due to my break up - but other than that I've enjoyed every minute of uni, and to be quite frank I'll no doubt be a bit bored when I do return home in less than 4 weeks time.

The fact we do get bored at uni doesn't suggest it's a boring place to be at all, it's just that you get into a routine of sleep, eat, work, party, sleep. And it's a damn enjoyable routine, it's just some nights you can't find anything to do - just like if you were at home I suppose.

There's under four weeks left now, it's weird to think nine weeks ago I didn't even know who these people were, I hadn't even seen the room that I would turn into my mess.

It's weird to think that I've found a second home and a second family in just 9 weeks. 

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