The Ragdoll, the Witch and the Ballroom

By Issy Goode - 20:10

As hopefully all of you know it was Halloween this week. Our kitchen was decorated a good two weeks ago and it seems pretty weird we were sitting in the kitchen saying it was far too early to decorate and now Halloween has been and gone!

With the Halloween spirit came a new member to the family; I'd like you all to say hello to Gary Bojangles:
Yes, that is a real knife, a real sharp knife. It came in handy when we needed to cut the cakes for the birthdays! Amanda sneakily put the knife in Gary's wire hands; over a discussion on Aphra Behn with Sara and Emma in the kitchen, we turned around and a panicked Emma shouted 'Why the f**k does Gary have a knife?!' It's more terrifying that you can see his reflection in the knife...

Truthfully, I was a little scared because Gary is no better with knives than any of us students, none the less we trusted him to hold on to it. 

The SU hosted a Halloween Ball - this sounds glamorous but everyone looked pretty dead...or undead in some cases. The costumes were brilliant, some people went to a lot of effort, some people didn't dress up at all but each to their own! I went as a rag doll, suggested by my friend Andy back home, the genius he is. 

We bumped into strangers with masks on looking quite terrifying, a guy dressed as a banana and some one dressed as a member from KISS. 
There were plenty of cats wondering about (and a cat with mouse ears...ahem *Emma*). These are a few photos of people in my hall except those two creepy masked people! The clown mask was worn by several people who were running around all night scaring people. And Saw's 'Jigsaw' was actually quite a nice guy in real life, people shouldn't give him so much stick. 
This is a few of my block friends; we had witches, cats, Dracula, a cowgirl, an evil ringleader and some of the guys just painted their faces because they didn't know what else to do!

We also had Woody from Toy Story...
And we even met the Thunderbirds...
Overall it was a pretty good night, not the best, but that may have been because we once again had too much to drink! We all seemed to have a good time though, and that's the main thing.

For those who celebrated Halloween, I hope you had a good time too!
*All photos are thanks to Becky, Sara and Deacon

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