Bless This Mess

By Issy Goode - 14:48

Since I moved to Keele, into my lovely little room M26, it's barely been clean; let me quickly invite you inside my room...
My Mother would be truly appalled with me right now! However, in my defence my room back home was far too small to make a mess in, you can have a peak at my bedroom at home in this post. It was basically just a bed (I very much miss that lovely bed), with a small walkway next to it. Whereas now, I have much more room to spread my mess! I'm living up to the name and nature of a student: messy. 

My pile of dishes aren't as bad as usual, but there's a bowl from some porridge - lovingly sent by my mum, some golden syrup flavoured Quaker Oat So Simple (students can't afford this kind of stuff!) - that hasn't been washed for a few days and I fear tackling that one!

I do clean it every other day, but I'm still well known in the block for having a hideously messy room and my friends have just got used to making their way around the maze. 

Moving on from my mess, some in my block have started to feel far too Christmassy! My friend Sara has a Christmas countdown and some decorations already up in her room and she's more than keen to start on the kitchen too! Pre-drinks on Friday night consisted of everyone sitting in the kitchen singing along to Christmas music, it did brighten the mood, especially Rusty's mood, he'd been having a bad week, for very many reasons. But, could some one please make Christmas not come in early November as lovely as it is!

Also, as today is remembrance day I'd like to pay my respects:
Lest we forget.
*pictures are thanks to my good friend and fellow blogger Buddy

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  1. Get that farking room cleaned you beast!!! And come home :-( xxxx

    1. Deacon came home after a weekend in Birmingham and started cleaning it instead :P

      I can't really aha! I had a surprise visit all organised for this weekend just gone but I couldn't get home on the Sunday, sorry sis! xxxx


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