Mug Swap!

By Issy Goode - 12:31

In October I took part in my sister - CupcakeMumma's - Mug Swap!

The idea is you get paired up with a person you don't know, and you have to use their blog to find out things about them that can help you get them the perfect mug.

I was paired up with the lovely Kat - I had a bit of a hand in ideas for what to get Kat, as my sister had done a mug swap with her previously. And I hope I got it all right!

I forgot to take any photos of what I sent her, so these images are thanks to Kat!
This is the mug I sent Kat for the swap. Inside the mug it says 'Sew seeds of love'. Kat's a mum of three beautiful boys and also a wife, and I know being a wife and a mother means you have lots of love to give!
I also added in a few other goodies because I knew Kat had been a bit down lately. Face packs to pamper herself, a worry angel to tell her thoughts to, a purple heart for her to hang up and (thanks to a tip from my sister) some gummy bears which I was told she loves! And apparently her boys do too!
Here's what Kat got for me:
This couldn't be more right for me and my block! I use it all the time, ironically I had some vodka and coke in it the other day, but the day after I had a cup of tea to recover, which clearly balances it out.
I also got some other bits and bobs, such as a kazoo for, as Kat said, 'the days when everyone else has a hangover except you', which is very very rare! I also got some sweeties which I needed as I barely seem to buy myself treat food.

Thank you very much to Kat for being my mug swap partner and my sister for hosting it! 

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  1. Hi Hannah's sister :) what a brilliant blog you've got :)
    love the mugs! x

    1. Hello! Thank you very much :) I love mine so much! x

  2. Ohhh this so sweet, the amount of thought you put in Kat's mug is touching :) and I LOVE the mug she sent you!! Fab :) x

    1. Thank you (: Had to step away from being a frugal student and splurge a little on a much deserved pick me up for the lovely Kat! I adore my mug, not a day I don't have a cuppa in it! x


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