Counting Down the Days

By Issy Goode - 21:35

It's been a week since I posted so I thought now was the time to let you all know I got home safely - even though it took me over half a day! I experienced Birmingham alone (which I hated), a creepy bloke looking for attention on the bus (only had to tolerate him trying to stroke my leg to Bristol) and finally made it to Plymouth at midnight, but then my Mum did the usual and was forty minutes late.

So after that odd, cold and tiring journey I finally made it back home at 3:20am on Saturday morning. And now, I'm all ready to enjoy Christmas - once I've finished work that is! I'm back in the bakery for 7 shifts, some busy, some not, and so far I'm quite enjoying being back, although it's quite reminiscent of summer.

Keele feels a bit like a dream to be honest, it doesn't feel like I've been gone for 3 months. The only thing showing me that I've actually been gone is the shops that have closed down and the new ones that have popped up, other than that, not much has changed. But none the less, it's good to be back.

The house is all decorated - I'd show you some pictures, but one of my camera's is broken and the other has no batteries (I bought some today from Poundland, quick note, never buy batteries from Poundland - they're all already dead) - so I can't show you how great my house looks unfortunately! Christmas is always a big thing in my family, the stockings, the decorating, the Christmas dinner, just the time all together - and it's such a nice time to return home from uni.

I haven't been able to appreciate very many lovely home cooked meals as of yet, and the next home cooked dinner I'll be having will quite likely be Christmas, or possibly Christmas Eve - damn you evening shifts! But I can't complain when I'm earning a little bit of money to top up my loan for next year's antics.

I'm looking forward to 2013 - I'm now at uni, I'll be 19 next year, recently single, and I imagine it's just going to be a fantastic year with an amazing group of people up at uni.

But first things first, lets finish 2012 up (because the world isn't really going to end).

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  1. Hi issy!
    I like reading your blog and i def will continue doing that when i'm back in the netherlands. it's really quiet in M block now and i already miss keele even though i'm still here :(
    Hope you'll enjoy your christmas and see you in the new year!
    Xx mandy

    1. Heya Mandy!
      Ah thank you so much (: it means a lot! Ah I can imagine how quiet it is, give it a few weeks and you'll be complaining about the noise again! When is it you go home? xx


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