The Stress of Being a Student

By Issy Goode - 16:17

Although I'm only in my first year and I've got it pretty easy in comparison to how it'll be in the second and third year, I'm still getting stressed over the assignments I have to do. As a Lit student, I don't get tonnes. I've done three close readings - where you analyse a section of a novel in depth - a presentation and a large essay plan. Then I've got three long essays (2000 words) and an exam in January left to do. That may sound like a lot to some, but we never get little tasks to do in between these, just read, read and read some more - which I haven't exactly done as much as I should have.

I haven't felt quite this stressed in a long long time. Not even around A level exams. I'm usually a really relaxed person but look what university is doing to me!

I'm happy to have got 2:1's in all my close readings, and a 2:1 in my essay plan for my film module, but I'm not feeling quite so confident with my long essays. I'm a bit behind, I won't lie, with the deadlines fast approaching I've cancelled my usual Monday night out and I'm shutting myself away in my room to get these essays done. I wouldn't call myself dedicated, because a dedicated student would've got them done sooner, but do note I do like to work under pressure...just not so much that I feel like my brain could suffer a stress induced explosion.

I'm really looking forward to going home now, initially I wasn't excited because I thought it would be boring back home, but right now all I need is to be back in my little village, with my double bed, my cat Frank and with my family for an amazing Christmas.

Since coming to university I feel like I've really changed, I thought I'd do some growing up but so far I'm just, as they say, 'doing the first year right' - and whilst I have had great fun, I'm completely exhausted and everything's catching up with me.

My advice for anyone going to uni next year is, have a great first semester but put work ahead of fun. I've made a bit of a mistake going out so much. I'm a recluse back home, I don't drink often and my favourite thing to do is sit inside watching films the whole entire day. When I get back next semester I'm going to have to calm it down, else I'm not going to get through this year as successfully as I could do if I worked hard for this degree.

I can't believe I've been at Keele for twelve weeks now, it seems crazy that I haven't seen my family or friends from home in three months. I've missed everyone a lot, and haven't really had much contact with them since being up here. I'm especially looking forward to seeing my sister, brother-in-law and my gorgeous little niece and nephew who I've missed a tremendous amount.

I don't know what I would've done if I hadn't made the decision to come to Keele around this time last year but I'm so happy I did. I do really enjoy university but I honestly can't wait for Christmas back home in lovely old Cornwall.

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