University Warnings

By Issy Goode - 11:04

Before you arrive at university you'll be told plenty of things that you'll either find out to be true or a total lie. Here, I uncover what I've found out during my time at university:

If you kiss someone you live with, it'll be awkward forever

- Not always true. There's plenty of things that can happen at uni, especially when you're living closely with so many people, but if you do end up kissing someone...or more...then the only way it's going to be awkward is if you make it awkward. Don't act like kids in a playground!

Never date a person in your halls

- When I lived in halls we had a relationship blossom in our block between two people who are pretty perfect for each other and things worked out for them (though I'm no longer friends with them now so I can't tell you where things went past graduation!). No it's not always going to work - like any relationship - but if you meet someone you like in your block, why say no just because you live with them? It's either going to go one of two ways...Most people will say you shouldn't 'sh*t where you eat' - so delicately put - but I think it's down to the individual. 

Students can't cook

- I lived with thirty people in first year, so I can honestly tell you that this is rubbish. Either that or the parents of the students in my block just trained their children up pretty well. To be fair, no, not everyone can cook. But not all adults can cook, and that's not a warning you get when you go into the work place, is it? The thing with students is, often, we're just too lazy to cook. Or simply, cooking for one that thrill us..especially when you're hungover as you are in first year.

Long distance will never work at uni

- Okay, I'm not the best example of this, but there's still other people in relationships that are making it work. They've had their ups and downs in their relationship, but it's bound to happen. All you need is maturity, communication and plenty of trust to make it work.

Students are extremely messy

- I'd say this is a bit of a lie too. I'm once again not the best example, but my room can be super clean in a jiffy if I want it to. I know loads of people who have managed to keep their room spotless all year round. The kitchen was a different story though. It's the same as suggesting that students can't cook, some can and some can't, just like adults we're all different and some are more messy than others.

Students are bad with money

- Now this, I cannot create a valid argument with. You're thrown into this independent life, with the chance to go out as many times a week as you like, to buy any food you like. All the clothing shops are right around the corner, and you just can't resist temptation. Being good with money, I did hope, we all learn as we carry on through university - but even now as a graduate, I'm not that much better. If you want to keep track of your notes and coins keep your receipts and try to stick to a budget. It's hard to stay on top of it and many are seen to be eating like kings and queens at the start of the year, only to be scraping baked beans out of the tin by week 12. It's just a case of not getting too caught up in the moment and saying no to the odd night out or a new pair of jeans, however, and this isn't sensible advice, sometimes keeping an eye on your budget can make you very bored.

You'll constantly be busy

- Before starting uni I'd been through the experience of school, where my whole week was full, and college in which most of my week was full. I didn't expect less hours than the 15-18 hours a week I had at college, but when I came to uni I realised the amount of individual studying expected of you is a hell of a lot. It does depend on your degree of course, but you'll find afternoons off, mornings off and days off all over your week, so finding a hobby is a must!

Students are lazy

- Hell yeah we can be - but you haven't seen how hard people work when they need to. Sure we leave things until the last minute but that doesn't mean we never work our arses off. Things get done in time for the deadline and that's the main thing, if you spend the weeks you had in the lead up to your deadline drunk or watching netflix, there's no harm done providing you got that essay in.

Except if you're not a fresher, buck up your ideas a little. But not too much. Growing up is optional. 

There's plenty more tales we're told about university, feel free to share what you've heard and the reality of it!

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