Thai Green Curry Recipe

By Issy Goode - 15:31

This is a deliciously basic curry, it is relatively cheap and never disappoints. I made it for my Mum back home - who despises coconut and my boyfriend who's not a huge fan - and both of them loved it. I tend to be a bit of a rule breaker to traditional recipes and add something extra in simply for better taste, or to give myself more of a variety.
Photo courtesy of Matt Thompson
Thai Green Prawn Curry
Recipe for 2

Prawns - approx. 200g
Peppers - mix it up with red/green/yellow - 1/4 of a pepper each
Green beans - a small handful at most
1/2 onion
Coconut milk
Thai green curry paste (for these last two I would recommend buying from the Blue Dragon range - it's a little more pricey but the paste will last you a few meals)

Heat a frying pan - on a low heat - with oil.
Chop up the halved onion into fine slices, followed by your mixture of peppers. Trim the ends off the green beans and cut into inch long pieces.
Once the oil is heated throw in the onion, peppers and beans in to fry off (until the onions are a golden brown)
Defrost the prawns and add to the pan once the onions are a golden brown.
Continue to stir for 5 minutes then add 2-3 teaspoons of the thai green curry paste (dependent on how spicy you would like it) and mix in as well as possible with the ingredients.
Pour in the coconut milk, stir and leave the curry to simmer until the milk thickens - stirring every so often to ensure it doesn't stick.

Serve with rice and enjoy!

Alternatively, try this with diced chicken breast (1 breast per person) - add the chicken to the mixture once the onions are golden brown, fry off for 10 - 15 minutes on a medium heat, or until the chicken is completely cooked (no pink is visible) and continue to the rest of the stages.

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