Nineteen Years

By Issy Goode - 13:38

It's only a few days until my birthday now, and I honestly cannot believe I'm about to be 19.


How has life gone so fast? I moved down to Cornwall from Gloucestershire in 2001, I moved from a huge house with a beautiful garden, leaving behind pet ducks, the boat garden, the star garden, the herb garden, the secret garden - it was a pretty magical place to grow up. I had a shared bedroom with my big sister that was painted with a jungle theme, I remember waking up on what must have been my seventh birthday, to my family all stood around my bottom bunk and a bike sat in the middle of the room. I was ecstatic, but that bike caused many injuries - though it moved down to Cornwall with us and I continued to ride it, fixed up several times by the guys who worked in the garage next store, until I completely out grew it and my Mum threw it out without telling me (genuine devastation was felt that day).

When we moved down to Cornwall, we found the most beautiful house. It was in the middle of no where - exactly where we all loved to live, until I started college and realised how undesirable a 5 o'clock wake up was just to make sure I was ready in time. I was only seven when we moved to Cornwall, and to be honest it was pretty exciting. To be in a whole new place was so strange for me, and I clung to my mum on my first day at Garras Primary School. It's strange that that school was the place I met my best friend, Charlie, who I haven't had a birthday without since 2002 - she's even making an almost ten hour bus ride to be here next weekend!

It's weird how I've watched all my friends grow up from the kids we once were to the big kids we still are. I have so many amazing memories with so many amazing people and more are being made all the time. Looking back to secondary school I wouldn't think that the mousy, weird, tomboy year 7 I once was would become who I am now. I never even thought about university when I was in any year of secondary school, I barely even began to in my first year of college. But I've never been happier.
At the head of the table, stuffing my face with old school friends from Gloucester on my birthday 12 years ago (am I that old?!) Emma, Jazz, Luke, my brother Bill, Patricia, Lottie, my sister Hannah, Georgia and I.

My parents never failed to give me and my siblings brilliant birthday parties and it's weird that this will be the first year I've celebrated my actual birthday without them. Although I'll have an awesome group of friends to give me an amazing birthday that shall tide me over until my journey back to the south! 

I find it hard to believe I'm almost nineteen, I'm all grown up and not having my usual joint celebration with my aunt - who's birthday is the 21st. The tradition shall still be done, just a bit later! 

I'm really happy with everything in my life 19 years down the line, I haven't done loads of amazing things in my life - quite yet - but watch this space. 

Nineteen years is a long time, but there's so many more to come. 

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    Time for a similar post i think :) hehe xxx

    1. hahaha there was many more I was going to scan in many more embarrassing one's but thank Matt's laziness from preventing that! stealing my ideas :P xxx


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