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By Issy Goode - 20:19

Day 10: Discuss your first love and first kiss

Well...I wasn't particularly looking forward to writing this post...but the cringey show must go on!

So my first kiss...

Well in primary school (and later in secondary school) I had this weird on and off fling with this guy called Nathan. We 'went out' a couple of times, and spent a lot of time together. Our first kiss was around 2004, I remember having a broken wrist and it was also around the time we were finishing up at primary school, readying ourselves for 'big school'. Despite my broken wrist, Nath took me to Flambards theme park for the day with some of his friends. Now, his friends were strange, and back then seemed to me outrageously sexually active despite our age, but I highly doubt they were, it was just that the thought of 'getting off' seemed daunting to me. They tried to pressure us into our first kiss (peer pressure was so innocent back then) but I was having none of it. After spending the day being the bag lady (due to the fact I, unsurprisingly, couldn't go on a single ride with my arm in plaster) we got back to his, flirted in his back garden, and had our first little smooch. I think we may have broken up not long after, and then continued our on/off relationship for many years. In the end, we went to prom together as friends, but have unfortunately lost touch...but I still remember our friendship well and despite the rubbish 'date' at a theme park with a broken wrist, it's still an important memory to me.

Now, my first love...

I don't want to go into too much detail concerning our relationship so for my 'first love' I'll give you only our beginning and our end.

It was in 2010, and in January I started getting to know this huge intimidating tight knit group of friends. On a whim I went on my own to a birthday beach party hosted by a friend of a friend who I'd met once and had been chatting to quite a bit over MSN (those were the days). I met my acquaintance and his friends at the Penzance bus station and off we headed to his house. On the walk I made top first impressions by starting the night early with a can of Strongbow (ew), which I mainly used to calm my nerves because honestly I was SO scared and questioning why I'd agreed to come. But onward I went. We got to his house and this huge group of people (little did I know this was the smaller half) were sat around, chilled atmosphere, laughing and joking. In I came, my Strongbow downed, my bright red hair, my belt buckle twisted round to the side providing no support at all for my brightly coloured skinny jeans, and sat myself quietly in a corner, too intimidated to chat to anyone apart from this one guy who seemed pretty friendly. Later on we made a move to the beach (ah the joy of living in Cornwall) and this was when the crowd was so overwhelming. This group of friends were so chummy and rowdy. They all jumped upon the birthday boy, and within that pile on, were not one, but two of my future boyfriends.

I met tonnes of people that night, and was added on Facebook and MSN by loads of strangers. One guy talked to me a lot and we hit it off, but we had a weird and whirlwind two month 'relationship'. After we broke up, a guy who I thought was a close friend of his popped up on MSN to talk to me - I assumed he had only bad things to say after I had just dumped his mate but they weren't that close after all. That conversation turned into many others, which turned into meeting him during the freedom of GCSE study leave, and that then developed into a crazy, memorable, emotional, naive 2 and a half year relationship. It was young love. He admitted not too far in to the relationship that he was looking for a 'summer girlfriend' but I became much more. We got so involved with each other's families, he encouraged my niece to learn to talk, and we all played Harry Potter together in which she'd cast a spell at him, run to me in a panic saying that she'd hurt him, I was there for him and his siblings when his family had big fallouts and we did a lot of growing up together. College worked for us for the most part, but our relationship outside of Cornwall was non-existent, and we're both happy that it ended when it did but I'll never forget about the years we spent together. 

I'm glad that my first kiss, and first love are all in the past.

Do you remember your first kiss/love quite so positively?

This post is part of my 30 Day Writing Challenge, check it out here.

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  1. Atleast your first kiss seemed sort of nice!! Mine was with a guy who smoked and then he'd chew on gum after so the mix of mint and fags made me feel sick. Just lovely. He's a horrible person, not to me but just in general, thankfully our relationship wasn't anything serious (the kiss happened on my local park!) but yeah haha. My first love was much much better, there were so many ups and downs but he helped me grow as a person (cheesy - but true!) and I still love him for that.

    1. Haha yeah mine sounds a lot more appealing compared to that, can't have been an amazing experience! I know exactly what you mean about that! Lovely to have a nice way to look back on your relationship :)


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