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By Issy Goode - 22:03

Now, day 4 of my 30 Day Writing Challenge was supposed to detail my views on religion, but as it's pancake day, I've decided pancakes shall be my religion. 

The photographs, I believe, express my views on pancakes quite passionately...

The first pancake wasn't rubbish for once! We discovered my boyfriend had quite a talent for making pancakes...he's a keeper!

We went for a variety of toppings, the first is the traditional lemon and sugar, the second was some Canadian maple syrup our friend had brought back from her time studying abroad as a gift for the house, and the third was a risky unusual decision...I tried a savoury pancake of pesto, chicken and cheese. It was strangely nice but got a bit sickly so was definitely my last! We also had hazelnut chocolate spread which was apparently really nice in the pancakes but really sickly too after a while. I wish we'd got some fruit for the occasion if I'm honest, that would have made the day!

I'm now officially stuffed! What did you have on your pancakes?

This post is part of my 30 Day Writing Challenge, check it out here.


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  1. My first pancake is always rubbish too, but this year it turned out a good one. Maybe it's a year of good luck :)

    What A Little Pickle

    1. Yay! Good pancakes all round then :) I normally just make some squashed up mess but it didn't go wrong once this year! Except when I flipped the pancake into my face haha!


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