Saying Goodbye Before Moving to Keele

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Tonight I went for a meal with a few of the bakery staff from Sainsbury's as a way to say goodbye and good luck to myself and Katie - who's also leaving for University to do Chemistry. The meal was lovely if not a bit weird - every one talks so much at work it felt as if there was little to say at the meal, but it was funny nonetheless.

All ready for a meal:
Actually taken after the meal, so I'm not looking my best! But my hair looked less wild before I left!

Katie and I got a lovely cake, decorated by one of the bakers wives:
It did say Katie on the other side but my manager cut straight through without thinking! I was left with the rest of the cake as Katie's off to Turkey soon, we did discuss the possibilities of taking it through customs and trying to bribe someone for better seats, but, we also considered that it was already 2 days out of date, and probably wouldn't last much longer. 

I also got a 'Sorry you're leaving' card from everyone at the bakery - signed by some people who hadn't even met me yet because they worked morning shifts. But I unfortunately managed to leave that at the restaurant, as a person who loves keepsakes I feel quite sad about that.
This card is from my co-worker and friend Garreth and his family, including his sister who was my best friend for quite some time before I went off to college, wishing me some 'Good cluck' at Uni!
The bakery also got together and helped me with my Uni packing! I got some lovely cutlery from them, it's always useful to get a present that you need! Katie also got some test tubes and goggles for when she's experimenting.

Even more goodbye's were had today after I'd spent the weekend at my boyfriend's Mum's house. I said my goodbyes to his sister - whom I've become quite close to over the years (who also got a little teary realising her big brother and I were soon leaving), his Mum and partner, Kym and his adorable little dog Selkie. They've been like a second family to me for the past two years, and have been very generous to me too and I couldn't thank them enough. Julius' Mum and Kym sent me a helpful £20 book voucher on Amazon so I could begin my endless book shopping!

My niece got quite upset when Julius and I picked her up from her second day of school on Friday. My boyfriend explained to her that they wouldn't see each other for a while now. She's grown up with him pretty much, he met her when she was two and just beginning to remember things and he's stuck around since; he's been at every birthday, celebration and get together we've had. She's also had a little crush on him too - she believes he's Harry Styles from One Direction as they supposedly look alike, she was almost in tears of joy on her birthday when Julius sang 'What makes you beautiful' to her! I can't imagine how she'll be when she realises I'm leaving too, but as a child without a real concept of days, weeks and months, I'm sure she'll barely notice!

I'm also saying a different goodbye to a friend of the family, and best friend of my Gran's tomorrow. We're going to her funeral service in the morning before the burial to say farewell to a woman who was always asking after to us, sending us gifts and being a lovely generous person. 

There's plenty more goodbye's to be had, all of which will include meals, drinks, reminiscing, hugging and I'm sure a mixture of emotions! It's all part of the preparation for leaving home, I hope everyone's saying their goodbyes to those who they'll see sooner or later!

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