What is There to be Excited About?

By Issy Goode - 10:08

Strangely enough I've been reading posts on Facebook and the TSR saying how terrified people are about moving to uni, that's not the strange bit, it's weird when these people go on to say how they've yet to feel remotely excited. Personally I feel a world away from that, I can barely sit still because I'm bored of waiting around and thrilled that I've only two days to go! But with these people saying that they've yet to be excited, I'm beginning to ask myself what is there to be excited about?

Firstly, the independence, most people going to uni are entering a stage in their life when they're living away from home, cooking for themselves, in control of their own money and having no choice but to be independent. Personally I can't wait for all of this, admittedly, I'm not going to enjoy washing my own clothes (lazy I know) but obviously I'll still do it. I think independence is important for us to grow up, however mature we may think we already are.

I think one of the most exciting things is all the new people that you're going to meet. With every new thing you do in your life you're likely to meet new people, and at uni, if you don't want to be lonely you have no choice but to make new friends. I can't wait to make new friends, all the people I know who have left for uni seem to have made friends so easily with the people in their flat, house or block and I can imagine that it'll be the same for me and everyone else too.

What's also exciting is simply this new chapter in your life. Whether you're my age or older, university is there to open a door to your future, the course you do may be the specific pathway to the career you want or a way of opening many doors of opportunity.

There's plenty of reason to be nervous and scared, but think about all the people that are in the same boat as you. If you begin too feel anxious about it all, ask yourself what is there to be excited about? You're bound to think of at least one thing. Also, to those who aren't going to uni yet and beginning their applications, if you're vacillating on whether or not to, it's probably so worth it. I obviously don't know from experience yet, but I've heard so much from everyone, and I have yet to hear some one say 'It's not for me.' Of course there may be people it isn't for, but university is what you make of it, it's your new chapter so start getting excited.

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