Leaving for University

By Issy Goode - 11:06

Today is my last day in Cornwall! I must say that this whole summer has gone by exceedingly fast, but the last week has just dragged. I'm overloaded with boxes and bags - and I'm 100% sure I've over packed - I'm a little nervous and very excited. We have to somehow get 4 large boxes (all spilling over), one small box of books, a large bag of shoes and coat hangers, a bag of towels and linen, one suitcase of clothes, one bag of cardi's and jumpers, one of underwear and socks, and then my Mum, Dad, sister and I all in our Ford Escort. Wish us luck with that one! I'd take a picture of the commotion but I've no idea where I've packed my camera!

My last day is nothing fantastic, I'm spending the day alone! My parents are at work, my brother's with his girlfriend, my sister's at home, and my friend just had to go home after staying the night because her Mum's going away and she wouldn't have been able to get home due to the shoddy Cornish transport system. So a nice lonely day for me.

I've got my timetable for next week too! And I'm more than happy to boast my free Monday and Wednesday, and the rather easy going introductory lectures all the other days. My boyfriend was in lectures from about 11 - 5 yesterday, so I couldn't be happier that I can focus on the most important part of Freshers - drinking and making friends!

After hearing the accommodation my boyfriend's got, I envy not having a flat or a house, but I'm sure I'll enjoy my block. I've got it pretty good with such cheap accommodation, it's just the sharing that's going to bother me, I can't imagine anyone will enjoy having to keep certain foods and pans and such in their rooms, but it's all part of being a student - and better than any one being cheeky and using your things!

I'm really excited for the events, some people have told me some of their's have disappointed them, but as Keele SU just got voted the Which? 4th best in the UK it best not disappoint me!

This is likely to be one of my last posts for the next few days, I bought my Ethernet cable last minute as it was the one thing I really hadn't even thought about. If your internet connection hadn't occurred to you, I'd advise you buy a cable now! So, good luck to everyone and I'll be back as soon as possible to tell you all about my experience of Freshers!

To pay tribute to Example headlining the Keele Freshers Ball I shall leave you with the hope that 'If we don't kill ourselves, we'll be the leaders of a messed up generation'.

I hope everyone settles in well!

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