The Last Cornish Beach Day

By Issy Goode - 21:54

I spent yesterday and today with my boyfriend as he's off to University tomorrow morning for a tiring 8 hour drive - at least he's not the one driving! I sat down in his front room at his Dad's house and his younger brother - aged 14 - turned to me and very abruptly said 'This will be the last time you ever see me.' I was a little flabbergasted by his certainty, but I asked why and his response made some sense; he explained he had made the assumption that Julius and I weren't staying together because he was too far away from me, and I was too far away from him. I explained that me and his brother were going to give it a try, rather than just give up, he seemed satisfied enough with my response to reply 'Ooh okay then, that's cool.'

We went for a day out bowling yesterday, my boyfriend's Dad managed to get four strikes in a row. He was last throughout the whole game and he needed two strikes to catch up with Julius and three to win. What are the chances?! Then he managed another one at the start of the next game. The worst thing is, he's really big headed, and the bragging continued when we went for a meal in the evening for his birthday, although the unlikeness of those four strikes didn't loose it's charm, and it was certainly impressive.

We headed back to their house and me, Julius and his brother sat down to watch 'District 9', but to be honest, Muffin - their cat - was far more cute to watch. District 9 is also a bit disgusting at some points - though it's still a good film!
He's so adorable, I've mentioned how amazing a cat he is before, he's just like a baby!

This is how he loves to sleep!

Then today, as you may have guessed from the name of this post, was our last proper Cornish beach day! And where better to spend it then Sennen. Honestly, if you live or come on holiday to Cornwall, Sennen is one of the most gorgeous beaches ever, and I'd highly recommend it for at least one or more visits. I first went there last year and I wish I had gone sooner. Today was the first day I went in the sea and decided to join in the body boarding. I know it's bit late considering I've been to the beach many times this year, it's just I'm an exceptionally cold person so building myself up to go in the sea is pretty hard so I basically avoided it all Summer, which after today, seems totally ridiculous. Although that thought left my head when I was shivering uncontrollably - I must say the shower when we got back to his house was very much appreciated.
It was a really lovely last day to spend with my boyfriend and his family, I didn't get too upset, because I know how much fun we'll both be having and we'll see each other in no time. We've spent months talking about what will happen that we're pretty prepared for it, we've been together for a long time and we accept that if it doesn't work out we had such a good two years and a few months together. We're both close to one and others families too so I'm sure I'll be wanting to see his as well as him wanting to see mine if we do break up, so I can't imagine we won't stay friends. The most important thing is that we're giving it a try, some people haven't even bothered, probably because they don't want it to work, whereas for the time being Julius and I do, we also accept that we're young and anything can happen.

I hope every one who's off to Uni is prepared for the move - especially as many are going this weekend, and if you're also attempting a long distance relationship good luck to you and your partner!

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  1. Good Luck to you and Julius, I expect the travelling time between you guys is a bit more than mine and Charlie's hour. :) When do you leave?? xxx

  2. Thank you Em! Well it's less than 4 hours but I'd have to go from stoke to Manchester, then Manchester to York than up to Newcastle so all the changes are a pain in the ass! aha. Good luck to you two too :D I leave next Saturday, when's Charlie off? You've already been up in Plymouth for a while now haven't you? xxx

  3. Man that sounds like a serious trek... Its soon now!! I bet you're real excited. :) We drove Charlie up to Exeter last Sunday. I've been up here for a month now... It's literally flown by. I've started applying to UCAS already... D: xxx

  4. It will be aha, got so much stuff to! You and Charlie are pretty close to each other than? Really? So are you only doing a year in Plymouth? xxx

  5. Yeah we're only an hour on the train. :) Yes only the year, My final deadline in 29th April, so I get a really long summer, and I'll be off to proper uni this time next year! xxx

  6. Ah that's good! That's a huge summer aha. Ooh well good luck with the year! xxx

  7. Thank you, and good luck at uni! :) xxx

    1. Thank you hun! Hope you're enjoying yourself (: xxx


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