The Most Important Things to Take to University

By Issy Goode - 22:19

There's a lot to pack for University and to be honest some things HAVE to go, whilst others have been slung in by my Mum or other family members - I have a fair few amount of dishes and old tins for storage. I really appreciate the help and free things, but these are the most important things to me (disregarding the obvious must haves; kitchen things/clothes/bathroom items/bedding):

My laptop - quite obviously! It's useful for work, fun, talking to family and friends, and blogging! I got the laptop I use at the moment for my 18th birthday, it's battery died a few weeks ago causing me to fork out £17.98 for a new one, but now it's all good and ready to make the move with me. 

My camera - I'm a person who loves taking pictures anywhere. I'm always the one with the camera at parties - some people find it annoying when I'm walking around taking pictures, but it never interferes with my socialising and drinking, so I never see the problem in capturing the moment. It's useful the morning after too when people want to remember things. 

A box of Yorkshire Tea bags - I love tea. I remember when I went for 3 months without drinking it to try and drink more water, then one day my boyfriend made me one (he's an exquisite tea maker) and I haven't stopped again since. I can't recall when I first started drinking tea, but it was when I was quite young, and Yorkshire Tea has always been the family favourite. So my Mum has packed me a big box to keep me going. To the people in my block, hands off the Yorkshire Tea. 

Hot chocolate and marshmallows - I've got a pot and pack of each for winter. I have a hot chocolate with marshmallows once or twice a week, and it's something my Mum makes in the evenings sometimes, so it'll remind me of home. 

Noodles, spaghetti hoops and soup - the three easiest meals I can have. I'm a huge lover of noodles - one time my friend and I bought so many noodles, we decided to cook them in the sink - surprisingly easy and tasty...if not a little weird. In fact, I think I spent the summer of 2009 just living off of them. 

Photos - I ordered a tonne of photos off of Snapfish the other day, it's a brilliant site to use for ordering prints. I ordered ones from parties, my sister's wedding and just the odd random moments. Just for me to look at when I'm feeling a bit homesick. 

My treasure chest

Last summer my boyfriend and I decided we'd attempt a few car boot sales (we only actually managed to do one) to make a bit of money. His Gran gave us loads of stuff for selling at the car boot, and this treasure chest was one of them. I couldn't resist taking this for myself, and he didn't mind me having it. It's come in useful for keeping my most precious of memories in. My family are big on memory boxes and this one mostly contains things from my boyfriend. 

There's also the simpler things such as my small collection of shot glasses, a few bottles of alcohol to kick freshers week into gear, games for my laptop and a pack of cards - in case I find myself with nothing to do.

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