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By Issy Goode - 11:11

D is for Dad

Since I'm home, I get to see all my family and I'm back living in the family home with my Mum, Dad and my older brother.

Being back means I get to hear the never ending playing of the guitar from my Dad, the historical facts he churns out.

He's a walking history book and dictionary. He has so much knowledge and I really wish he put it to more use sometimes! My Dad is a strange and brilliant man, when he does go out, he's a real social butterfly, but he loves the quiet life, sitting with a guitar on his lap and his computer in front of him readying himself to write another of his amazing songs.

Me and my Dad often clash over things, we're both headstrong and stubborn, just how Dad always taught me to be, but the one thing he hates is that I'm so good at being like that towards him. I stand my ground so much that debates end with him getting so frustrated that we're so alike, he has to walk out the room!

That's what happens if you teach your kids to be just like you!

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