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By Issy Goode - 10:12

S is for Sleepy

Today I woke up at 3am to leave for Plymouth at 4am, to then catch a bus to Birmingham at 6:45. And gosh. I've made my way up to Milton Keynes to visit my boyfriend and meet his family.

It's frustrating living in Cornwall, with the cost of trains rising all the time it's so much easier to go the cheap route and hop on a Megabus (be warned, may contain creeps). It costs me £17 to go from Plymouth to Birmingham, and a further £3 to catch a train from Birmingham to Milton a total of just over £20 (due to booking fees) hands down beats an almost £70 train journey with changes from Penzance to MK.

Though the downside is, of course, feeling very sleepy. I always seem to be quite tired anyway (late nights, not eating the right things - the usual student hurdles) but having to wake up at 3am to head off for Plymouth at 4 is not my idea of the perfect journey, but the main things is, I've arrived! Safe, sound and happy to be with my lovely boyfriend again!

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