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By Issy Goode - 09:09

I've fallen so behind on my 30 Day Writing Challenge simply due to having a very lazy weekend and also not preparing my posts in advance *slaps wrist*. So, to make up for all those missed posts I thought I'd just give a little summary of the ones I've missed, here goes...

Day 14: Your earliest memory
I genuinely can't think of what my earliest memory is. Most memories people have of me have been so talked about, I've made up false ones in my I've no idea what's true any more. Though I do remember rocking up to Year 1 with a badass Shaun the Sheep bag, crying that my mum was leaving and then doing spelling lessons. I think it's a slight issue my earliest memory is probably much later in life than it should be...

Day 15: Your favourite Tumblrs
This is a bit of a random one, but I do still use tumblr on occaisions. Though only for fitness motivation and to stare at foodie images. So mine are:
Skinny Minnie Fit - The owner of this tumblr, Katie, posts up so many foodie photos, and just makes being healthy look delicious! Which it definitely can be! The fitness photos she also posts are cool, with loads of yoga and pilates chucked in.
Choose Confidence - Hana posts loads of animal photos. That ropes me straight in. And she has lots of travel related things too!
Fitter-please - Food, fitness and Nike. Georgie is a fab tumblr to follow for fitness, just look at all the food porn and shoe porn (in a non foot fetish way).
And finally Funeral for my Fat - many people who tumblr about health and fitness seem to know of Sharee and her tumblr. She posts loads of before and afters, including her own! As well as meal guides, recipes, workout plans and much much more.

Day 16: Your views on mainstream music
Well honestly, just check out my day 11 post and you'll see I'm not against it. Mainstream music tends to be pretty catchy, some of it's absolutely awful, and some of it's not. The worst thing is when a person hates the fact their favourite band goes mainstream...they're making a living, leave it at that. If they're music gets shitty, it's always a shame, but if it doesn't, don't start hating them just because everyone else knows about them now.

Day 17: Your highs and lows of the past year
Do you want the bad times or the good times first? This year's only been short so far so I guess I'll include the whole of 2013.
In all honesty, I can't think of many lows, so let's start on a high...
- I met Mike - easily the biggest high of my year, no matter how cheesy that is. I've never been happier.
- I moved into my first rented house. It's been pretty weird living in a proper house with no parents around, especially as our house doesn't even look like a student one except when it gets really messy and there's loads of bottles and cans everywhere!
- I got accepted to go to Thailand and volunteer. How many times have you heard me waffle on about this now?
- I'm about to turn 20 (this Saturday!). I know it's not a high that's happened yet, but it's still something I'm actually happy about. Most 19 going on 20 students seem to hate the fact they're entering their twenties, but I'm super excited for the next chapter of my life (ew how cringey am I?)
I've run out of good things, is that sad? So bad things...
- My shower door broke well over a month ago and my landlord hasn't fixed it yet. It gets pretty nippy without a door and its all fixed in place so I can't even hang a shower curtain (urgh first world problems)
- I can't get out of my overdraft. Being in my overdraft, even though it charges no interest, is still a major low for me. I just hate it because it's not my money.
- I stayed awake for over 48 hours and listened to Miley Cyrus on repeat. I also spent a whole weekend completely intoxicated and didn't remember Sunday happening. This was all around freshers' week so it's perfectly acceptable behaviour...right? Though it was definitely a low point for me. 
Isn't my life so tough? Honestly, I haven't had a major low point over the past year. I went through a break up but it was for the best. Ultimately, it's been a pretty good year.

So, there's my catching up done! I hope you enjoyed 4 days of random information about me and some hardcore first world problems.

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  1. Good catch up, I especially liked that you had a shaun the sheep backpack and your paragraph on mainstream music. I completely agree. The word mainstream irks me these days because of the hipster culture haha. I bet they're secretly dancing around in private to Miley Cyrus too. xx.

    1. It was the best backpack ever, I wish I still had it if I'm honest. I'd still rock it know if it hadn't been ripped :( Good too hear! Same, it's ridiculous. Aha exactly ;) xx

  2. You're a dog person :) Me too! Cats are cool and funny but I don't rely on them... I mean, they're not loyal... and dogs are.
    When you stood awake for 48 hours did you end up seeing things like little bugs in the floor? It happened to me, my body was literally asking me to sleep.

    1. Exactly! Dog's are so adorable when it comes to loyalty. I do love cats too, but when I have my own house I'd love my own pooch or pooches!
      Aha yeah I did! I ended having to get drunk just to be able to sleep, it wasn't a pleasant experience!


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